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Love this store. Owner, Jenn, is super friendly & hilarious. Cute items in the store. Love the hand made items by Jenn herself. Check this store out!!  You won't be disappointed.


Clean and bright office, nice and outgoing staff, great experiences overall! Caught a sneaky tooth that needed a root canal and provided great, unbiased advice. Wasn't afraid to refer to a specialist when needed.


You have to beware when dealing with this company. We wasted $890 on them because we have
to redo the work. They refuse to take responsibility saying the job was "better than average" which
is wrong. Hopefully you'll learn from our lesson, I'm still amazed we ended up here.
We had a leak in the kitchen above the garage. Water damage mitigation crew took out a *single*
sheetrock from the garage ceiling but left about 5"x12" of the sheetrock so the garage door railing
could stay in place so we could use it until the sheetrock was replaced.
White Glove's job was really simple:
1) Re-add insulation that was removed
2) Install fireproof sheetrock with dimensions 7'x4', to replace the single sheetrock that was
For step #2, you just take a 10'x4' sheetrock, cut it to 7' and install it. Simple right? Since White
Glove was charging so much, I figured they'd just be doing an excellent job.
What they did was *leave* the existing temporary 5"x12" sheetrock in place, work around it with
about 7+ pieces of sheetrock to complete the job. Seriously, the whole 7 feet of "repair" looks like a
patch work, very uneven leveling due to the big steps between the sheetrock pieces. It's so much
different from the rest of the garage. I called Dave confused about how we ended up with such a
messy job for such a simple task. He said he's come take a look a week later.
When viewing the job he said this is a great job because it does it's job which is to protect against
fire. No Dave, if I build a crappy ugly gate then I can't say it's a great gate because it opens.
I asked Dave why he left the temporary 5"x12" sheetrock in place and worked around it. His answer
was... because they didn't want the liability in case they didn't put the garage rail screws back
incorrectly. He said it would have been much easier and faster to do it in one sheet, but they didn't
want to be blamed for the garage door not working if they didn't put the railing screws back in
correctly. This answer is a joke for a home improvement company, afraid to remove two screws,
install sheetrock and rescrew those screws.
Dave, why didn't you tell me you planned to take the harder, more expensive, uglier route for this
sheetrock just to avoid liability over something so small? His answer... he probably should have told
us, but ultimately it's our fault for not telling him to use a single sheetrock.
Dave, will you take any ownership here? His answer... no, the finished product does the job.
Dave has cashed our check for $890 now. And we're spending more money with another company
to fix Dave's job. White Glove's catch phrase "A skilled handyman you can trust"... except don't
trust them or their skills. Beware of White Glove.

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