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Rites Of Passage Journeys

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Rite of Passage Journeys, established in 1968, fosters self-discovery, community and connection with the natural world. Our mission is to mentor youth, adults, and elders through life transitions, initiating soulful leaders for the next generation. This not-for-profit organization provides intentional rites of passage experiences and rite of passage education. Our experiences take the form of guided wilderness retreats and adventures, while our education consists of consultation and training for schools, organizations, churches and individual leaders. We offer a variety of programs designed for children, teens, and adults. Journeys is admired nationwide for its solid integrity and commitment to soul-work that honors deep human values and the earth. The qualities our programs nurture enable us to more fully embrace the challenges and beauty of our collective experiences as well as our unique individual calling.



Bothell, Washington
22401 39th Ave SE


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I went in skeptical, seemed a bit on the "new age hippie" side, but ....

I just returned from the leadership intensive on restoring rites of passage for youth.  This organization, and its staff and volunteers are too notch.

I went in skeptical, seemed a bit on the "new age hippie" side, but that opinion was quickly changed as we dove into some intense training and journeying.


As you read this, you will likely get really jealous you did not attend this camp as a kid, or now.

For a detailed look at what Rites of Passage is really all about, PLEASE see their website, I promise you won't be disappointed.

As you read this, you will likely get really jealous you did not attend this camp as a kid, or now. I know I have in working with them the last few months. Don't Fret!! they have adult programs too!

My story of ROP is much more personal. Through an amazing gift of scholarship and some pretty amazing ers who volunteered their wallets and yards (for slave labor--props to Wil L , Dawn R, Jim C) and donated equipment (props to Don L), my three youngest children were able to attend summer camp adventures through ROP this year.

The staff at ROP is, literally and without exaggeration; amazing. They are passionate, committed, helpful, and knowledgeable. Special thanks to Jason, Darcy, Julie, Drue, Emily, and the other mentors who accompanied my kids on their various adventures.

The first to go was Selena, on her Call to Adventure. On drop off day, gathered in a circle, playing quick "get to know you" games, the mentors of ROP discuss with the children what a "call" is, and what is a "hero"? At the appropriate time, goodbye is made a little easier as the kids hear their mentors "calling" (as in howling, clapping, cheering and banging drums) from the woods and excitedly go running off to find them (parents, exit stage left). A week later, Selena returned FULL of excitement, stories of her adventures and already EAGER to attend next year. 

Junior was next, on his Apprenticeship journey. For the younger kids, the send off allowed much more "mommy tear up" time. During the send off circle, we were given small pieces of wood, planed thin in the middle. Junior wrote his name on one side, and the names of all the people he was leaving behind (mom, sisters, brothers, grandma) on the other. We then snapped it in two, me taking the Junior side, him taking the family side and tying it to the walking stick provided by ROP. So he could take his family "with" him on his journey.

Finally, this last Sunday, the most difficult for me. Sending Michelle off on her 3 week Coming of Age trip. Designed for the difficult late tween and early teen years. The send off here was out of this world amazing. For 3 1/2 hours we did gear check, get to know you circles, then..the good stuff. First, the parents made plaster casts of their children's faces-masks- for their trip. The kids will decorate them with things of their childhood. Then while out on the trip, fill them with plaster to make a sculpture of their face. During a ceremony they will "shed" their childhood and through the masks into the fire together. Then decorate the new solid sculpture mask, not as children, but as youth and who they want to be for their future. At goodbye time, we held red ribbons between us as we talked and said goodbye. The mentors, now dressed like Ravens, came whooping and howling out of the woods and cut the ribbons in two and carried off the children...not to be seen again until they are "grown" from their journey.

It is hard not to worry how my kids would do, this was no "pillow fights in a cabin" summer camp. This was back country back packing slogging everything you had and needed on your back. This was REAL hiking, camping and learning time.

Knowing they are in the loving, capable hands of the ROP staff, made my fears turn from worry to excitement. In me, they have made a fan for life.