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Quality Foreign Auto

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18002 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98012

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Call (425) 481-1200
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Unbeatable Customer Service

Our shop is both family friendly and female friendly. We understand the needs of everyone in the community, and our crew has more than 80 years combined experience in the industry. Regardless of how much you know about cars, you'll always receive outstanding customer service. If you are thinking of purchasing a car, bring it to us for a pre-purchase inspection. Also, when you drop off your car for repairs, we are happy to drive you home at your request.

We provide local shuttle service to your home or office on request. Easy access to freeway and on major bus routes. Convenient early bird drop-off and after hours pick-up.



Bothell, Washington
18002 Bothell Everett Hwy


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Quick and reliable service! 

Quick and reliable service! 

I came in just before Christmas and had my son with me. The office ladies were easy to chat with and gave my son a snack to keep him busy. 

Highly recommend this Quality Foreign Auto!


There are times when a business deserves to be praised for the customer service and integrity that they deliver day-in and day-out.  Thanks!

There are times when a business deserves to be praised for the customer service and integrity that they deliver day-in and day-out.  I've been going to QFA for almost 20 years and they have come through time and time again for me, and my family.  My son drove a Mazda MX6 that Luke and team rebuilt the top-end of the engine and extended life on it completely through high school and college ... it was a life-saver.  My Nissan Maxima has 285,000 miles on it and drives as well as the day that we bought it new; Luke and team have maintained that car for over 15 years.  There is something to be said for regular maintenance!  When I have had an emergency, I can call Diane or Theresa and they find a way to squeeze me in and get me back on the road.  While QFA's rates aren't the least expensive around, there is a reason that the statement "you get what you pay for" is true ... their work is done well and only that which needs to be done, is completed ... and after you have been called and had things carefully explained to you.  When my radiator went out recently, they found a rebuilt one that saved me considerably (versus going to a dealership).  I wrote this review because Luke, Theresa, Diane and the rest of the crew deserves to be applauded ... they really do care!  I wanted anyone considering using them to realize that when you develop a relationship over time with a business that treats you 'right', it's worth giving a positive tip of the hat.  Too often we hear from those who complain about one bad experience and not enough from those who have been served so well repeatedly over a long period of time.  This is a way for me to tell QFA "thanks" for taking care of us over the years!