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Bellevue Tennis Academy

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5.00 (5 reviews)
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13203 NE 16th St
Bellevue, WA 98005

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Call (206)-954-3699
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Our goal is to help players of all levels, beginners to champions, reach their full potential.

Our expert staff will help to elevate your game with tactics, strategy, mental toughness, high performance fitness program.

Our club features indoor tennis courts, small courts for young players, professional instructors, pro–level fitness facilities, Tennis Pro Shop and BTA Cafe on site.

Bellevue Tennis Academy has been selected for the 2014 Best Businesses of Bellevue Award in Tennis category by the Best Businesses of Bellevue Award Program.


Bellevue, Washington


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Amazing tennis school

I purchased a 1hr private lesson followed by 1hr court time as a last-minute birthday present for my brother, who used to play regularly, but who hadn't played in 13yrs. I emailed initially, and Ivica was very prompt with an email response, even as it came close to the holidays. We had a crazy schedule, and they were able to accommodate booking the private lesson and 1hr of court time the very same day I needed it! As an out-of-towner, they also let us book the lesson and court without having to sign up for any kind of membership.

Our assigned tennis instructor, Bob, couldn't make it, so they sent Pulat instead. What a treat!! Pulat is an AMAZING instructor. My brother, who had a nagging problem with his forehand that nobody could figure out for 15 years, was shocked as Pulat closely watched his technique and recommended a minor grip correction that made all the difference. The great thing about Pulat's instruction is that he recommends corrections that are easy to implement before getting into the more difficult, big, sweeping changes. He is also extremely observant of the details of all aspects of your play, and offers keen advice in many areas. Can't say enough about this guy- Pulat is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

As for the rest of the place, the tennis shop is nice and we tried several rackets. The cafe is very nice, with the registration desk, some lounge chairs in front of a TV playing some great matches (Agassi/Sampras was playing when we walked in) and a well-stocked food/drink counter. Will definitely be back on my next visit.


Excellent tennis school!

Excellent place for taking your kids to learn tennis. I took my then 9 year old to AV early last year, after having him play at Pro Club for 3 years. I found that Av was in an altogether different league with regards to coaching. Rudolph is one of the best coaches I have seen for teaching the young players the basics of tennis like the correct stroke, footwork etc. They then have coaches like Irina and Brian to take it to the next level. I only wish I had gone to AV a lot earlier than I did.


Place to meet up with your friends!

If you are into tennis, then this is the place to be. If you want a place to meet up with your friends or have a dinner or a drink, then the other place down the way would be better for you. My family practically lives here. Between the adult clinics and team practices to the children's programs, the instructors can't be beat. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is that I wished there were more courts. I don't mind that this place isn't fancy or have the latest gadgets. It is a place where if you really are passionate about playing the game and learning more to improve yourself, then AV is the place that you need be at.


So-So tennis school!

I hit at the clinics at AV Tennis to two to three times a week. Compared to other tennis centers I've played at in the Seattle & Bellevue area, the coaching staff at AV is the best overall. Clinics are fast paced, people are kept moving, and there's an emphasis on a lot of live points being played.

Some tennis centers run clinics where you get the feeling that the drills being done won't help in a match. The drills at AV Tennis always seem relevant to match play, so you rarely feel as your time there is being wasted. A drawback would be that the clinics are often times overloaded, so it isn't rare to see 8 or more people on 1 court with 1 coach.

The facility itself is passable. If it wasn't for the younger, more active players that hit here and the coaching staff, I would give the actual facility 2 stars. The court surfaces are well kept, but the roof is too low for most defensive lobs. The lighting is okay, it's directly overhead so it's distracting on high volleys and overheads. There's also Crossfit here, so the music can get loud. If you're distracted by the sounds of loud workout music and weights being dropped, then you won't like playing here.

AV Tennis is definitely worth a try for the superb coaching, the amount of clinics, and the athletic players that hit here. But if you're looking to book nice courts with great lighting, and lots of doubles flights throughout the day I'd look elsewhere. It's not for everyone, you'll either love it or hate it.


Nice school

Tennis can be pricey here - but it's nice that they don't require a membership and you can drop in for a class or series without ponying up a couple thousand bucks (cough cough, Central Park).

The only downside - is there are only two courts here. So while they support several USTA leagues - playing a match here is an all day adventure since you can only play two matches at a time. I'm still surprised the USTA allows that.

The facilities are nice and the coaching staff is top rate. A good range of cardio tennis classes and pick up classes that provide the most intense tennis workout I've found in the area compared to Robinswood, Amy Yee, and Mill Creek. Now if only they could build a couple more courts...