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Heritage Christian Academy

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3.50 (2 reviews)
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19527 104th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

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Call (425) 485-2585
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Students in the 4th, 6th and 8th grades test over 2.5 years ahead of the national average.


Students receive a quality education from qualified faculty members, whom are genuinely committed to teaching Biblical values and teaching in a Christ-like and God-honoring manner for academic excellence.


Grandparent/visitor ID badges, on-site nursing care, school equipped with video security


5 to 1 student/teacher ratio for 2½ year old preschool

9 to 1 student/teacher ratio for 3 and 4 year old preschool

9.9 to 1 average student/teacher ratio for K-8th grades



Full-day programs for 3 and 4 year olds

Variety of  half-day options for 3 and 4 year olds

Special beginners’ class for 2½ year olds

Pre-Kindergarten M-F mornings

Extended child care offered to all HCA students from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.Read more about Heritage Christian Academy's Preschool.



Bothell, Washington
19527 104th Ave NE


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Honestly I was hoping for so much more from this school. My son attended preschool here and his teacher was Ms. Fish.

Honestly I was hoping for so much more from this school. My son attended preschool here and his teacher was Ms. Fish. I could tell she had favorites which is annoying. I would drop off multiple kids and she would always be very friendly towards the little girl I dropped off tell her she missed her if the child missed a day but saying very little to my child except for the occasional hello. One time we were all waiting to enter the classroom and 5 minutes after class was supposed to start I knocked on the door and she was just stretched out on the floor...napping? not sure but not appropriate when I am paying this kind of money. Every minute counts. Yet, many times we were let in late because they were in the process of picking up kids from childcare. 
My child could barely write his name when school started and the teacher would continuously comment on how he couldn't. I'm confused, isn't that why I put him in here? she told me they couldn't work with the children independently and if the child couldn't do it on their own by now then that's too bad. They had a teacher and an assistant in the class of like 8-9 students. They never had a tool to assist them either. My daughter went to Cedar Park and Gloria Dei and in each school they had a little name tag where they outlined their name and eventually started to write it independently.  
Lastly the teacher must have intimidated my son or never took the time on how to assess him because each report card she send home she wrote he isn't retaining anything from class, he cannot write any letter or recognize any letter or number. I went home so stressed after our review. I just couldn't believe it. I sat down with my child and he recognized all but 1 letter in the alphabet and put them in order and was able to count minus getting stuck in the teens. He was exactly where a 4 year old should've been. I contemplated pulling him out so many times but each time I discussed it with him he would cry so terribly because of how much he loved his friends. 
This same teacher told us to hold him back for kindergarten and didn't pass him to attend kinder at Heritage. He put him in kindergarten elsewhere and my child is doing excellent. His teacher is a vibrant young lady who is obviously very excited about teaching. She can't stop praising my son. I hate to say this but this single teacher ruined our experience and I honestly wouldn't recommend that she continue to teach. She is just too tired. Unless your child is only here for fun and doesn't actually need education. 
I have two other boys and you better believe we are driving a little further down the freeway for their education.

One last thing I forgot. Their accounting department sucks. It's so outdated. You cannot do automatic payments unless you have them go through your bank. SO many times they would charge us twice for things and we would have to bring in a copy of our check to prove we actually paid for our fees or supplies. One time the check got lost in the mail, apparently a ton did in December (from the bank) and we didn't find out out multiple months later when we got several fees in the mail. The took care of the fees but its just another step of work for you.


We've had our kids at Heritage for 8 years. We have been thrilled with the school in every way. 

We've had our kids at Heritage for 8 years. We have been thrilled with the school in every way. 

First, the quality of education. Before we enrolled our oldest in HCA, we had him enrolled in a different school. We looked at the curriculum for the other school and reassessed wether it was right for our child. We then looked into Heritage, and it looked as though he'd be challenged there. So we enrolled him in Heritage and haven't looked back. When our younger child was ready for school, we'd been so pleased with Heritage that it was a no-brainer. In their time at Heritage, both of our children have been consistently challenged to work up to a standard. It's difficult at times, but the teachers are great at encouraging, working with, and getting the most out of students. The vast majority of students at Heritage, test above their current grade level, sometimes as much as 4 grade levels above!

As far as other reviews are concerned, it's unfortunate that some people have had poor experiences at the school. Everyone's situation is certainly different. I can say this for sure: my oldest has been at Heritage in Kindergarten - 7th grade, and has loved it. The teachers genuinely care for the students. There have been times when my son was frustrated with situations at school (normal issues with other students, even circumstances with a teacher that he did not understand), and he felt the freedom to go to the teacher directly, to get clarity and help. We have seen consistently, that there is respect among the staff for each other and for the students. 

As far as the Christian part of the school: Besides the school's ability to consistently call their students to a high education standard, the other thing I wanted in a school, was a place that would not attempt to undo the things that I had taught them - their worldview, particularly. That is not to say I didn't want them to be challenged. At their ages, being able to teach something in our home, and have their school reinforce that, is a great thing. I teach them to think for themselves, and I want them to attend a school that allows for that as well. Heritage does that. 

I can't say enough about how much we love this school. From the quality of education, to the individual care our children have received, it's a great school.