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Katie Kelly - State Farm Insurance Agent

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3.67 (9 reviews)
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951 6th St S
Kirkland, WA 98033

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Call (425) 827-2138
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Kirkland, Washington
951 6th St S


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Thank you !

100% lovely company employees I love the way to the customers super friendly. love the service. thankyou


I have my life, auto, card, and more with these gals

Love going in to see a great and beautiful team. Very knowledgeable and professional. Always feel welcome no matter what time I go in.

Ask for Karma, she took very good care of me! Always good to have good karma!!


1 Star!

No follow-through after numerous attempts to contact via phone and email. One star for location.


Highly recommend!

I worked with Shannon a few months ago to switch over my car insurance from MetLife (definitely a good move). She was nice, efficient, and worked to get me every discount I was eligible for. I just talked to her about adding a new car to my coverage and once again she had it done in less than 30 minutes and at a good rate. You can't go wrong with this State Farm office!


Not recomended!

After attempting to get a simple claim resolved, I was passed around from multiple contacts and continually asked if I had contacted the other party's insurance, or to have the work done and I may or may not be reimbursed for the deductible when the other party was at fault. We pay for insurance to act as our advocates and work on our behalf, however it has been over 8 weeks with no results.



My husband and I have been with this State Farm agent for over a year now, and it has been a wonderful experience. Katie and her team are so patient and helpful, I am grateful to have them assisting us in our future planning! Even though they are all the way in Kirkland, its always worth the drive up.


I am extremely disappointed with everyone else I've had to work with at State Farm.

So I bought a new car in August of 2013 and wanted to obtain full coverage and State Farm beat my current insurance provider hands down even with adding on Renters Insurance. What a deal I thought but boy was I in for a surprise! In December of 2013 a pipe froze in the attic of the building where I was renting a unit, which rendered the residence uninhabitable. So my dog and I moved into a hotel, which State Farm covered minus my deductible. I remained in the hotel until New Year's Eve when I moved into a new apartment. That's right; I had the "pleasure" of spending Christmas in an extended stay hotel. It was awful! To top off my already stressful situation, someone must have thought "Hey, let's ignore this yellow light and hit the car with the green light and is already in the intersection!" This delightful event occurred the day after Christmas, so needless to say I was emotionally drained. Long story short, this whole headache was resolved the end of March 2014 and I thought it was all behind me. Well, I was wrong. Yesterday, 4/23/14, I received a letter from State Farm informing me that they were terminating my renter's policy effective in June which is prior to my renewal date. (I'm assuming that I should be seeing the letter pertaining to my auto policy any day now) The explanation that was provided at the bottom of said letter was the claim I'd submitted for the aforementioned flood and even stated that it was "Freeze/Weather Conditions". Apparently, it doesn't matter if you're at fault or if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding your claim, if you file ANY claim on a policy you've held for less than 6 months they consider that "too frequent" and will kick you to the curb. Now that's GREAT customer service!! I cannot even begin to explain how enraged I am. Just when I thought this traumatic event was in the past, BOOM, I'm hit with another obstacle.

In conclusion, State Farm will allow you to possess and pay $120/mo for a policy but if you have to file a claim make sure it's AFTER you've been with them 6 months. So, don't report that not a fault accident even if you have to go to the ER and definitely hold off on filing a claim when your home floods so severely that you are rendered homeless until other accommodations are available.

I would like to note that my claims adjuster was AMAZING to work with, very helpful and showed compassion for my situation. When I was franticly trying to find someone who could help explain why I got the termination letter, (my agent's office was closed) representative made a notation was made on my profile and she called me first thing this morning to check up on me. I am thankful for her but I am extremely disappointed with everyone else I've had to work with at State Farm.



I only lived in the Kirkland area for a short time, but while I was there I was incredibly pleased with Katie's staff and their service. I worked with Kellen for the majority of the time that I was there and he often reached out to me to make sure my policies were current and was flexible about working around my lunch breaks to sit down face-to-face. He suggested little things to me like towing and "other than collision" coverages that have truly paid off for me. Katie's office was always swift to respond to any concerns that I had and always followed through with their promises. I even got many emails/calls following up to make sure everything I needed was taken care of. I felt that if I ever needed anything, Katie's office would be there for me and I had nothing to worry about--exactly what you look for in an insurance agent and their staff. I am sad to say that when I moved out-of-state I had to leave her office...finding someone who has as great of service will be tough!



Katie Au,
Is very kind and professional. I was shopping around for car insurance on line
And received a call from Katie the next day. After getting so many different calls
I was just about to say not interested, until I realized that Katie did not sound
Like a robot, or a speed talker, from a corny abb workout machine commercial on
TV. Katie is really nice and patient, and was able to save me a good chunk of
Change, also informed me about the importance of renters insurance, that I have
Had and let the policy laps, due to just not wanting to be talked into it again by
A robot.

Insurance as a whole is as boring as playing volleyball by your self, but
Katie and the rest of the staff are very nice and certious. Also Katie is a Pac-
northwest native, which is always nice to be able to have that local feeling.