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Ken Williams,CHFC CLTC CLU

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11335 NE 122nd Way, Suite 105
Kirkland, WA 98034

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Call (425) 285-5817
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We are brokers who find affordable plans for health insurance, life insurance, and medicare supplement plans in Kirkland, WA. We offer low cost life insurance plans, designed to fit your monthly budget and protect your family. We want you to save money, have great coverage and end up with a plan designed just for you. We can search all the companies for the best rates and the best coverage and there is no additional cost to you. We follow up to ensure your plan is in place and always encourage you to call us with any questions. We have hundreds of satisfied clients. We can answer your questions about health care reform (Obamacare) and we can help you get government subsides to make your premiums affordable. We are your first source for the best value for health insurance, life insurance and medicare supplement plans in Kirkland, WA. As insurance brokers, there is no cost to you.


Kirkland, Washington
11335 NE 122nd Way Ste 105


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Moving from out of state I had about a million different things to worry about, but thanks to Ken, health

insurance wasn't really one of them. This is a process I know can be filled with all sorts of hang ups and

difficulty, especially for someone in my situation who moved in the middle of the year outside of the open

enrollment period. In the face of all of this Ken was incredibly professional, patient, and helpful at every turn.

He made what would have been a very painful process incredibly easy and I was able to receive coverage

under the most appropriate plan (which he made super easy to pick out and understand). I would recommend

Ken to anyone.


Highly recommend.

Use Ken to navigate through confusing insurance plans and language.

I don't know about you, but I hate shopping for insurance. It's not like shopping for shoes, or a sweater, or actually anything enjoyable at all. So I spent hours on the internet looking through this website which I cannot locate now and aside from the horrible user experience, it kept showing me plans from the same 5 companies. Unlike most people, I am self employed, so there is no one to recommend a plan for me, and all my friends had these really cool plans that their techie employers bought for them but no one could tell me the name of their plan (because let's face it, no one pays attention to that kind of stuff). Finally I google "buy healthcare" and something about a broker popped up, so then I googled "find healthcare broker Lynnwood" and Ken popped up because he had killer reviews.

Working with Ken has been easy. He applied for my husband and I online while I was on the phone and we communicated about the status of our application through email. He is an excellent, precise and prompt communicator so I could always count on a timely and clear response.


I recommend them.

First rate insurance has been the best experience I have had with insurance ever. The savings are much better that I was able to find on my own and Ken Williams was amazing in navigating my healthcare needs. I ended up getting all of my insurance through them, that's how highly I recommend them.


Thank you very much!

If you need a Healthcare plan that perfectly suits you and in no time, Ken is the person you have to contact. He is knowledgeable and teady, to answer any questions you might have and in a way you will understand completely.


Ken is the man!

He is very knowledgeable about the Washington Health Plan Finder and helped me choose a plan that perfectly met my healthcare needs and budget. Ken was recommended to me and I would recommend him in a heart beat. If you need a health plan, work with Ken.


Ken was fantastic to work with!

I cannot tell you how much I HATE trying to figure out medical insurance stuff. HATE. And the Obamacare has only seemed to make things more complicated. As a family of 5 who moves every few years, it is frustrating to have to continually look up new plans in each new state (they are different!) and deal with applications for every new life circumstance (like job loss, temporary jobs, moving to a new state, having a baby, etc etc). But with various deadlines looming, a decision had to be made.

I am so thankful that a coworker of my husband's recommended Ken to me. He was very prompt in returning my call, very knowledgable about the available plans, helpful in recommending one for our family and our circumstances, and explained to us some of the positives and negatives of various plans. I was also able to explain to him the coverage offered by my husband's contracting employer, and he helped me determine that other plans offered something better for a comparable price.

He sent me a link to the application, and we ended up getting seamless coverage from one state to the next. That was a relief!

All in all - healthcare coverage costs seem to have increased with the new healthcare options, but I am thankful that Ken's services are FREE to me. That is a huge blessing!

Ken was fantastic to work with, and took the pain out of the painful process of insurance hunting. I only wish I'd found him sooner!


Highly recommended!

Ken was extremely helpful when I contacted him looking for healthcare. My wife and I had just moved back to Kirkland after living in Nashville for a few years and we needed new health insurance. Ken contacted me quickly after my initial call and guided me through various plans until we found one that was right for us. He was also very helpful in making sure we had all the correct documentation together for the enrollment. He always responds in a timely matter and it is clear that he takes the utmost care with each client he has. Highly recommended!


Thanks Ken!

I think Ken did a wonderful job answering all my questions (in a timely manner too). He is very knowledgeable about insurances which is so valuable at this time where so much is uncertain. Thanks Ken


Highly recommend!!

For me, understanding the abundance of information regarding healthcare reform feels daunting sometimes. It's great to have a source where you can go to find out everything about health insurance, especially health care reform. I've biked with Ken, he's a good guy and would be worth contacting for health insurance information.


I would highly recommend Ken Williams for his ability, understanding and customer service.

My wife and I have worked with Ken for several years and he has assisted us with our life insurance and our disability insurance. Ken is an extremely knowledgeable financial advisor who is able to see the big picture, and to put the clien's needs first. He is not just interested in selling you another policy, he's there to make sure your needs are met, within your budget, and that your policies provide the right amount of coverage in case something bad does happen. This isn't something to take lightly, and you need a good advisor who is looking out for your interests.