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Serving Renton and surrounding area

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Large jobs aren’t a problem for this Seattle Handyman. With affiliated electricians, plumbers, and other specialists to call on, we’re a Seattle Handyman Service that can also complete large projects with ease.


Renton, Washington
Serving Renton and surrounding area


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My review is strictly about the scheduling process. They did not do any work for me.

My review is strictly about the scheduling process. They did not do any work for me.
I called to see about some ceiling work that I need done. They said that they could do it and would
send me an email with terms. The email said that they won't do anything at all unless you give them
a credit card up front. They also have a fee schedule that could cause the bill to run up in
interesting ways. So if you are not willing to share credit card information with them before they
even come to your place then pass these folks by. That is what I did.


I have an old 1946 home that was in a bit of disrepair. job was done well.

I have an old 1946 home that was in a bit of disrepair, and during some DIY remodeling I
discovered a leak in one wall, and then later discovered extensive damage to my entire kitchen wall
from a second leak. I hired House Calls for each of these.
Istvan and Brian came and correctly diagnosed the first leak and showed me how to repair the
damage myself (I prefer to DIY when I can to save $$).
For the kitchen wall, we had already demo'd the rot from the inside and rebuilt about 8' of frame,
but we needed the outside sheathing and vinyl siding replaced and did not want to DIY it on tall
ladders. Again Istvan and Brian came and did a wonderful job, including replacing the old siding to
look like nothing ever happened. They diagnosed and corrected the problem that caused the
damage (old gutters installed wrong). The wall is strong and tight and I'm very happy with it. They
really do have a lot of experience and skill and their work shows it. Unfortunately, they discovered more rot than I knew I had, so I was a little surprised at the final
cost, as they work by the hour and can't offer a firm estimate up front. But I do feel like this job was
done well. I feel like I got what I paid for, and I do highly recommend their work.