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Bake’s Place - Bellevue

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3.33 (3 reviews)
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919 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Call (425) 223-5143
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Our unfussy, rustic dishes are intended to be shared and served as soon as they are prepared,

unlike timed entrées for each individual. We love a casual, convivial atmosphere where you can

order dishes “for the table”, as much, or as little as you like, and experience the food in a communal

way. We hope you enjoy this unstructured way of eating as much as we do!


Bellevue, Washington
919 Bellevue Way NE


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I'm hard to impress, but I am impressed. Give this place a try, you won't regret it!

We tried to come here for dinner and drinks a couple weeks ago on a Saturday. Nope. We didnt
have a show reservation and even though we showed at 5:00 and the show didn't start 7:30, we
were no allowed to squeeze in a quick dinner and drinks. The owner told us that Saturday nights
were shows and reservations only, come in on Fridays for dinner. Ok, I get it...
Fast forward to tonight, it's Friday, no problem, right?!? Nope, it's a show night. But they can seat
us if promise to be out by 8:30. It's 7:00, if you can't get us dinner and a few drinks in an hour and a
half, that's on you, not me. The hostess, who uses her cell phone in front of customers, seated is at
the bar. As if that isn't bad enough, she seated us at the bar, directly in front of the bartender with
the bar mats taking up half our eating space, us, a married couple hoping for a romantic dinner out,
in front of the fricken bar, right in front of the bartender. Well at least we will get drinks fast, right?
Nope. The only bartender was SLAMMED, we spend our evening listening to the bartender shake
drinks, servers shout orders at him and complaining. No romantic atmosphere for us, we had our
backs to the restaurant, the lights... I would have had a second drink but I had finished my meal
before the bartender, who was right in front of me ALL NIGHT, noticed my drink was empty and
asked. They did earn one star, my husband said his steak was amazing, although he was shocked
his steak came with fries... I was shocked they consider octopus vegetarian.
We drove down here from Everett because the first time we came here was so amazing. After
being turned away once, then seated like unwanted step children, I hesitate to come back. It's not
cheap, it's not close by and I sure didn't feel welcomed...

One word describes this place; PERFECT! We were given a gift card to this restaurant, I had never
heard of it, so before coming in, I took a quick look at the website. The first thing that impressed me
was the menu. It clearly labeled vegetarian and gluten free entrees. I'm a vegetarian, my husband
is not. Seeing that I had real entree options, not just side dishes, and my husband could still have a
steak was a HUGE bonus to us!
We arrived at 5:30 on a Thursday night and were greeted and seated immediately. The atmosphere
is gorgeous, ambient lighting, soft colors, it instantly started relaxing me after a crazy, high stress
day at work.
The food was AMAZING, but I must say, my favorite part of the whole experience was our server
Tanya. She was on top of everything like you'd expect from a high end establishment, but her
mannerisms are so charming. We ordered another drink and she said "I'll get that right up for you
love" with a gentle pay to my back made me feel like we were old friends and I was at home. She
was attentive without hovering.
The live music just completed the relaxing, comforting atmosphere. It wasn't distracting or
overdone, it was just perfect.
Another point I want to mention, the owner checked in on us. I have pink and purple hair, my
husband was in jeans and a hat. We were afraid we'd feel out of place here, but quite the contrary,
I've never felt more at home. This is one of those places where you can happily hang out for hours.
I'm hard to impress, but I am impressed. Give this place a try, you won't regret it!


Great atmosphere!Will definitely keep coming here

I've been here a few times; office happy hours and supporting my jazz band friends.
They have a great atmosphere outdoors and indoors. Great live music, which is rare in this area.
Their service is great and the menu selection and prices are always good.
The food itself is sometimes great and sometimes just ok. But I enjoy their plating and their modern
twist on Asian cuisine. Will definitely keep coming here


5 stars for all the amazing live music.The Scallops and pork belly were delicious!

5 stars for all the amazing live music.
They extended the bar to help make it easier to dance tot he music which I appreciate!
The Scallops and pork belly were delicious!
Gets pricey since you have to order your veggies separate, but since they only charge $5 cover for
live 5-6 man band, that's how they make their money.
Their house red wine I had was super strong! Heavy reds!
The Gnocchi was hand made and fabulous! Big winner!Sometimes if you are lucky like I was, there is a belly dancer.
Always a pleasant crown here.