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DanceWorks Studio

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16641 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052

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About Us

When we started DanceWorks in September 2001, our vision was simple: to provide our students with the highest quality partner dance instruction available, all in a welcoming and non-competitive environment. This remains our focus and passion!

Why DanceWorks?

Here are just a few of the reasons we believe we stand out:

Welcoming Environment

We’ve created a warm and supportive environment for students to try new skills. Friendly staff and fellow students are encouraging. With little effort it’s easy for newcomers to meet new people and become part of a community.

Students First

Students come first at our studio– whether it’s top-notch customer service or our staff’s focus on teaching. Instructors are dedicated teachers as well as highly trained dancers. They not only know their stuff, but relish in sharing it with others and finding the right way to communicate to each student.


The depth and mix of our teaching staff allows us to offer instruction in a wide variety of dance styles and levels that many other studios have a hard time matching. We regularly offer over 20 different types of classes each month. We are always offering something new based on student input.

High Fun Factor

We believe learning to dance should be fun! Simple as that. Classes are upbeat and entertaining. Student surveys regularly comment on this aspect of our instruction.


We’ve been doing this since 2001 and have fine-tuned how we provide our students with a quality experience. Whether you want a place to socialize, exercise, express yourself, challenge yourself or learn a lifelong skill, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you why so many of our students continue to embrace the DanceWorks experience year after year.



Redmond, Washington
16641 Redmond Way


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Users' reviews


We came here for lessons for our wedding first dance.Our instructor was Rebecca and she did an AMAZING job. Since neither of us really danced.thanks!

We came here for lessons for our wedding first dance. We called in pretty much 2 months before our wedding (which was held out of state), and luckily were able to squeeze in two lessons before we flew out.

Our instructor was Rebecca and she did an AMAZING job. Since neither of us really danced, we were really worried that it would be difficult for us to remember the routine or even move with the music. For our first dance we decided to use Thinking Out Loud. As soon as Rebecca heard that she enthusiastically listed out some potential dance moves we could use! 

Prior to getting started on the dance floor, Rebecca asked about the layout of the venue, what type of shoes and what my dress looks like to make sure the dance moves we do was actually feasible. It's always good to know that someone else is looking out for you when you are a bit scatter brained from all the planning! 

At first we planned on using the entire song, but Rebecca convinced us to consider a shorten version of the exact song - can I just say I AM SO GLAD she recommended us to do so!!! The dance still incorporated all of the components I have always dreamed of (lots of twirls, some fancy interlock move, and a dip at the end). 

I would say though, the dance studio can get very busy during the evening. There are group classes and private lessons going on - so the instructors might be running a bit behind here and there. But Rebecca made sure to still give us the full amount of time. I would highly recommend coming in before 5 pm if you can. Less traffic, more dance space and best part I believe they have a slightly discounted rate! Or weekends is also an option!

During our second lesson, we felt like we still had so much we needed to do, so Rebecca was nice enough to stay longer and give us a double lesson. She was super easy to work with and her instructions were very clear. It was a pleasure watching Rebecca dance/showing us how to do the moves...she moves so gracefully.

You would be in good hands!


One of the things I value at DW is the variety of dances available.

Originally came here for the Wednesday night Salsa Party, added private and group lessons later. The teachers are encouraging and accomplished dancers themselves. One of the things I value at DW is the variety of dances available. While I generally attend WCS and salsa events, I have the opportunity to also try tango, East Coast Swing, waltz, and others.


So far I'm liking it due to the people I met and the instructor I have.

So far I'm liking it due to the people I met and the instructor I have. My boyfriend and I went as it is a closer option than Century Ballroom in Seattle, but also because they also have a variety of different dance styles taught. East Coast Swing really feels slightly different from West Coast Swing, but I'm confident I'll be good at it by the time I'm out of this class. David proves to be patient and friendly with everyone, and really knows what he is doing.