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McMenamins Woodshop

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2.00 (2 reviews)
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18607 Bothell Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011

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Call (425) 219-4350
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Bothell, Washington
18607 Bothell Way NE


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It's so sad to see a really good name and brand messed up like that.

The Story of a Complete Waste of One Hour and Keller, the Completely Useless Server

We came here last Saturday during the Bothell Block Party and Brewfest. The restaurant was not overly busy and there were plenty of tables available. We sat outside of The Woodshop restaurant. I thought I was absolutely going to LOVE this place as we walked to our tables. It's truly a beautiful venue. In fact, the one-star rating is for the venue. It would have been zero stars, if not for that.  

I've been to at least half a dozen other McMenamins venues and they've all be great. This one was not. We were seated at roughly 3:30 pm and given our menus. Our server, Keller, took our drink orders. We each ordered a schooner of beer. He came back fairly quickly with the beers - one schooner and one pint. He explained they accidentally poured a pint for one and he wouldn't charge us for their mistake - yea for us and how big of him.

Keller took our orders (Cobb salad and chipotle chicken sandwich). He stopped by our table approximately 20-25 minutes later to inform us the kitchen made a mistake on our order and they would be refiring it. Yea again. It's always good to get a refired salad. He said it would be just a few more minutes. He also reminded us that we did get one pint of beer while we would just be paying for a schooner. Thanks!!! He didn't ask if we needed anything. We were nursing our beers so we would actually have some when our meals arrived. I asked for a refill on my water when he stopped by. About five minutes later Keller came by our section with a water pitcher and proceeded to fill the water glasses of folks at 2-3 tables next to us. He subsequently emptied the pitcher. Ok. I assumed he would refill it and come back to fill my glass (as I did ask nicely earlier). Nope. STELLAR KELLER was gone. We saw him in the distance a few more times during the next 30 MINUTES, but he NEVER came back to our table. He even looked over at us a few times.

I didn't have a watch on. So, I had no idea how long we had been sitting there waiting until I asked my friend and she told me it was now 4:30. At that point, we had completely wasted one hour of a gorgeously sunny day (and we haven't had many of those this year) waiting for a truly useless employee to take care of our order. So, we decided to leave. We didn't know how much we owed for our beer (I now know that it was $6.40 before tax - so, around $7. We left a $20 because we knew that Stellar Keller was not going to be coming back anytime soon. So, that delightful server ended up getting a HUGE tip for providing truly HORRID service. That's sad.

This was my first time at this McMenamins and it will most definitely be my last. In fact, I will gladly tell all my friends about this experience. My friend had been here about 3-4 times previously and she said the service had been spotty at best. I really hope McMenamins Anderson School Hotel gets their act together soon. It's so sad to see a really good name and brand messed up like that.


Our waiter was actually pretty attentive, compared to others' reviews.

Service was a little slow considering that this place wasn't too packed on a Sunday night. Note: you seat yourself here! It took about 10 minutes for our waiter to come over, which isn't too bad in my opinion as my friends and I took the time to settle in. 

We ordered 2 pitchers of beer, the Woodshop burger, the voodoo wings, brisket sandwich, veggie burger, and cajun tots. Would have preferred our food to be warmer. The tots took a while to come out, but the rest of the food came out very timely. Bread on the burgers were so-so. The side salad was wilted, although dressing was good. Cajun tots were really good! 10/10 would recommend. 

Our waiter was actually pretty attentive, compared to others' reviews. Nice to have pool tables & shuffle board while dining. Can accommodate a big group easily - we had 7 in ours. Prices were a bit high in my opinion. Almost $13 for an okay burger. 

Would come back again, but wouldn't go out of my way to come here.