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Prime 21 Spirits Lounge

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4.00 (2 reviews)
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10500 NE 8th St Fl 21
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Call (425) 462-4662
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Our bottom line at Schwartz Brothers Bakery has always been family. Since Dad and Uncle John started the bakery, we have shared our traditions: finding the best ingredients, using scratch recipes, and taking our time. We care about good people sharing good food. We’re so glad your family can join us!

The bakery has been owned and operated by members of our family since 1973. Since Dad and Uncle John started the bakery, we have shared our traditions: finding the best ingredients, using scratch recipes, and taking our time.


Bellevue, Washington
10500 NE 8th St Fl 21


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One of the swankiest spots on the Eastside just got better.

One of the swankiest spots on the Eastside just got better. Twenty-some stories up with intimate
seating overlooking the lights of the Bellevue this former cigar bar turned wine lounge, now craft
cocktail bar is still providing the same lounged-out atmosphere but now with a great spirits
selection. Through the double glass doors from Daniel's always busy and frequently loud bar,
Prime 21 delivers calm; this is one of the only bars in Bellevue you could go on St. Valentine's day.
Wine is still a presence here. The by-the-glass menu isn't large but isn't a shame with
Schramsberg's lower end brut rose and Pride's Merlot - a rarity on glass pour lists. No beer is
served which is a delightfully snobby touch for a craft cocktail bar. The Schwartz Brothers haven't
gone so far as to ban vodka but the back bar is mercifully clear of flavored Stoli and the cocktail list
is bourbon heavy. I hope to see some more gin cocktails when the weather warms.
The bar is currently lacking a celebrity bar tender but makes it up with a staff passionate about
service and creating a great experience for guests. If the Schwartz Brothers can keep the current
team in place and provide them mentoring, a la John Howie, they could be responsible for creating
Seattle's next cocktail star (and they'd get an extra star from me too). Given the level of investment
corporate food service joints put into their people that's a big "if" but this location deserves as much
attention to its people as has been put into the luxe sofas and modern fireplace that make the

space so inviting.
Food is from Daniels, of course, with a lot of meat heavy items on the small plates list. More
vegetarian items would be a good touch for the snacks but the tuna and two different shrimp small
plates do well for folks avoiding sliders and steak. Prices on the food items are good and the full
dinner menu is available.
A lot of reviewers have commented on the prices and though the cocktails aren't cheap they only
run about what any high end craft bar is charging these days. On one hand I'd defend Prime 21 by
pointing out that they knock $3 off any of the drinks on their menu during twice-a-night happy hours
(the second HH starting at 9 PM weekdays). On the other hand: get over it: if you want a
Cosmopolitan for cheap there are plenty of bars fitting four people to a square yard but precious
few places in Bellevue where the noise disappears, you can find a seat, get a carefully made drink,
and take in the sunset.


I give Daniels a lot of credit, they've managed to create an intimate place within one of the most crowded bars in Bellevue.

I give Daniels a lot of credit, they've managed to create an intimate place within one of the most
crowded bars in Bellevue. Prime 21 is tucked into the back corner of the bar, and the double glass
doors do a very good job of keeping out most of the commotion of the main bar.
If you can secure seating in either of the back corners, you'll have room (comfortably) for 10 people
or so. Liquor selection here is better than average, but it's more expensive than the regular bar.
Also, their HH is really limited, and the same drink costs more in Prime 21, but if you're drinking
here I'm hoping you're not here for HH. Be adventurous and splurge on a bourbon or whisky that
wouldn't ordinarily have.