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We’re trying to carve out a niche in the market that generates a feedback loop. Instead of paying agents commissions to find clients, we use most of our commission to buy miles for our clients. This offer is helping us attract tech-savvy young professionals that like to travel the world. Because of the regular client flow attracted to our brand, we’re able to hire top talent from companies such as Sotheby’s, McKinsey & Co, or Google and pay these employees a competitive salary to spend their time helping our clients and improving the home buying process. As a result, our clients have a great home buying experience and are telling their friends about why they should use FlyHomes.



Seattle, Washington
Serving Seattle and surrounding area


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The FlyHomes team is phenomenal.

Right from the get go it was great working with FlyHomes. The FlyHomes team is phenomenal.
We are first time home owners and we did not have much experience with real estatae. FlyHomes
guided us throughout the process and made it very crisp and clear. We had very specific
requirements and it was amazing to see that Tushar and his team were able to find the right fit for
us in a very short span of time. The house that we eventually bought had the last day of the open
house when we saw it. This was our first offer!
Tushar was able to get the house inspected within the hour and did all the due dilligence promptly
and with razor sharp focus. The house and 26 offers but it was through the great offer put forward
by FlyHomes that we were able to win the house. We beat out offers which were higher than us
and also much stronger than us - but it was the combination of terms and building relationships with
the other party that we came out on the top.
The amount of hard work and dedication that Tushar put into finding the right house for us was as if
he was putting the effort to find a house for himself and his family. I would highly recommend
FlyHomes for anyone looking for a place to buy a house. Kudos to Tushar and the whole FlyHomes
team for their dedication and creative problem solving!


I had a very hassle free, relaxing, and informative experience buying a house with FlyHomes.

I had a very hassle free, relaxing, and informative experience buying a house with FlyHomes.
In Seattle, a city people fight to get a home, it is almost impossible to find a satisfying new home
without going through any pain. Surprisingly, I did not find this process intimidating thanks to
They educated us at the very beginning, giving us hints and suggestions, telling us what our
expectation should be. One of the most important parts is that they let us know what the reason is if
we failed to get a home. In the end, we only bid on three homes before we get the one we love. I
would say, this is quite hassle-free.
Mean time, one thing I love very much of FlyHomes is that they do quantitative analysis (linear
regression type) of the house price, which turned to be quite accurate. As a mathematician, I find
their approach convincing.
The communication with FlyHomes has always been smooth. They are responsive, and agents
who lead us to see the homes are friendly and kind.
They also give very good suggestions of lenders, and at the same time keep good relationship with
them. They recommended a lender to me and I started with it. All other agents I met at Open
Houses nodded and said that I had a good lender. After comparing rates in the end, the lender I
went with gave me a quite good rate; this lender also keeps a close relationship with FlyHomes.
They also do not give us pressure to buy a house as soon as possible. They understand well that
this is a big investment for us, therefore let us go with our own pace.
I highly recommend FlyHomes. Hope you have a pleasant and comfortable housing purchasing
experience with them.