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Beardslee Public House

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4.00 (3 reviews)
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19116 Beardslee Blvd
Ste 201
Bothell, WA 98011

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Call (425) 286-1001
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 Beardslee Public House in Bothell, Washington is a Pacific Northwest-inspired and family friendly eatery that specializes in world-class signature brews made on site in our 10-barrel brewery. Beardslee’s menu features high-quality, made-from-scratch comfort cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Most everything served at Beardslee is made in house: the restaurant grinds its own meat, bakes its own fresh bread and creates artisanal cured meats in a separate, specialized charcuterie kitchen.


Bothell, Washington
19116 Beardslee Blvd Ste 201


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Awesome!You mast try.

Uh'Kay, not really sure how this place only has three and a half stars, but I'll throw my two cents in.  This should be a 4.5 stars.  I realize it wasn't like hugely gourmet dining, but they were very good at what they do.  

Like really REALLY good hamburgers.  Least it was as far as I was concerned.

But before I get to that...

Me and the missus did what we normally don't do and got drinks, appetizer, entree and dessert.  Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about all that I ate.  (Who am I kidding it was AWESOME)

We got the pretzel appetizer.  Good stuff.  The honey butter was my surprise favorite of the three sauces that come with it.  Cheese and mustard they give you are great too.  Base pretzel also great by itself.

We both got hamburgers.  I got the American Wagyu.  I added fontina and an egg.  Fontina.  That was pretty cool.  Never had that but it worked.  An -- I mean hell why not, right?  Chicken's already laid it.  

The missus got the a special burger.  I just remember like a bacon sauce and bacon in the patty.  She liked it.  It was just a titch overcooked. She wanted medium and seems like it came out well done.  She also found the fries a bit salty.  Since I could probably go through a salt lick and be fine, I had no issue with it.  But they sure did give you a bunch so that certainly didn't suck.

Then dessert.  Dang, almost worth the price of admission right there.  We got the brownie.  It was more like a brownie sundae with some ice cream, caramel sauce that was REALLY good and rich and some spicy peanuts on it.  We are sure to be back and I think we'll definitely get that each time.  Just maybe spend a few extra hours on the exercise bike.  (As if).

I got a beer sampler.  Being a brew pub and a homebrewer myself, I found each sample beer satisfying in its own way.  I wish it had the porter in it, but oh well.  Something to look forward to.

The service was excellent.  The server, a nice gentlemen, knew everything and had the right balance of checking on us and not hovering.


The pretzel was by far the best item we ordered.

It's a nice open space with an industrial vibe. Plenty of room. Prices are a little on the high side for the type of food and portion size you receive. We ordered two of the small beer sizes (I love that these have become more available now!), their house made veggie burger (quinoa based), pizza kids meal, and a salad. Of course we had to get the house-made pretzel.

The pretzel was by far the best item we ordered. I loved the multi-grain aspect of it, which is unusual in a pretzel. The kids pizza was better than average, being made on a real pizza dough (not the frozen pizza many places serve). The veggie burger was only ok, although the bun it was served on was very good. We realized why when we walked by the guy making them on the way out. We didn't care for either of the beers we ordered. I don't even remember the salad (but it wasn't exciting). 

In general, the food is decent. But it is on the expensive side and the menu doesn't hold a lot of interest for us. I don't see coming back for another visit.


From the friendly hostesses to the super efficient wait staff, I've never had bad service here.

It's been a while and trying to get here on a Friday night for happy hour requires patience, persistence and sometimes telling off the jackass who tried to steal my parking spot.  Revving his Mustang, he roared off in disgust.  He had the nerve to say some derogatory phase as he pulled away.  Parking is a challenge and spots are tight.

Since writing this review, I was informed by the business that there is a second lot beneath the restaurant!!  That is good to know because this means I won't need to think twice before returning for happy hour!  I had tried the covered lot across the street and spots were really tight and just as full as the parking right outside the restaurant.

In spite of arriving here at peak time, we managed to squeeze in a tiny spot at the bar and service was prompt.  The kid filling our water glasses filled mine second.  Hubby got his first.  Tsk, tsk.  Got a lot of growing up kiddo.

Gimme a drink:  Dubbel cut saw.  Hmm!  Lovely smooth Belgian.  Complex, lots of body.  Sweeten as it aerates.  
Perfect pairing with a burger.  Yes, not quite the perfect pairing with the sausage as recommended, but sorry, I've had the sausage before and I was disappointed.  The burger was great.  A consistently good burger.

Pate: delicious.  Smooth, creamy and flavorful.  A beautiful mousse texture.  Served with a few cranberries and melba toast.  You'll be Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.  It's awesome and you'd want to inhale this.

From the friendly hostesses to the super efficient wait staff, I've never had bad service here.

Great spot but noise level was high.  Might get better in summer when the patio doors are open.

I'll be back and I'll get prepared for any unruly drivers.