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3720 Factoria Blvd SE
Bellevue, WA 98006

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Call (425) 463-9150


Bellevue, Washington
3720 Factoria Blvd SE


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FOOD: THUMBS UP! I can't wait to go back!

First time here and I was blown away! When it comes to sushi, I'm a sushi snob... And I'm hard to
please at times.
Chirashi don (roughly 18 pieces) and assorted Nigiri set (5 piece nigiri & 8 piece variety hosomaki
sushi roll) all this for under $30!! Fresh fish and great tasting sushi rice! No frills, my kinda place!
They turn and burn tables quick
I would highly recommend it!! I can't wait to go back!


For a minute I thought I had discovered my favorite new sushi restaurant, but...

I've been 4 times now. I went from being infatuated with it night one to being less and less pleased
each time. The food is really really bland. The bowls are fine. The "spicy cheese roll" was not spicy
or cheesy at all. Bland and boring :/
For a minute I thought I had discovered my favorite new sushi restaurant, but now I don't think I'll
go back. The taste isn't there.
Cash only


CHIRASHI BOWL. YES. Bellevue's finest.

CHIRASHI BOWL. YES. Bellevue's finest.
Came here with locals, and all of them grew up going here or at least have been consistently
coming back in the past few years. They all said to order the chirashi bowl/ Got it for about $15, and
it was the best decision ever. I am a sushi and sashimi lover, and still crave the delicious bed of
sushi rice and fresh phat sashimi cuts.
You can customize your order or get it the way they prepare it. I customized to get salmon,
yellowtail, scallop, and squid. I was SO pleasantly surprised by the squid. SO GOOD. And tender
and yummy. AHH, there were only like 2 servers, and I didn't get to see the sushi chefs as visibly
as most Japanese spots...but it's OK. The wait for our food wasn't long at all considering there were
six of us. They have cool music event posters all around the walls, and little aesthetic decor, but
that's why you focus on the real star of the show--chirashi.
Cash only. Tea is served and extra wasabi and ginger upon request. Wonderful cute little warm
space. I can't wait to come back for them chirashi bowls. Totally worth the price. I left full and