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Every taste is a celebration of Northwest traditions, perfectly crafted by Chef Russell’s unparalleled panache and his use of simple, fresh ingredients. You won’t want to miss out on the decadent Chocolate Gateau or flavorful Caramel Tart.

   Located just minutes from the Woodinville Wineries, Russell’s Dining Room has a wonderful partnership with a variety of local wineries. We love supporting our local wineries by offering a $10 discount on the first 750ml of Washington Wine opened per table. All other wine corkage will be charged at $20 per bottle opened.


Bothell, Washington
3305 Monte Villa Pkwy


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Although Russell's was a perfectly pleasant meal, I'm not sure I would return.  Prices were a little high for what I ate.

Came here for a Sunday dinner catch-up with college girlfriends at the end of February.  I was fresh off the heels of a mid-winter break trip to New Mexico, where hubby, little & I enjoyed incredible cuisine for a week!  So that may affect my perception of Russell's.

In our group of 4 besties, half live on the Eastside and the other half in North Seattle.  So we take turns on where to meet between the two, and sometimes pick neutral territory (like Bothell!)  As the foodie of the group, I usually get the responsibility of picking the restaurant and this time I did a quick search in the Bothell area and came up with here.

We ended up as 3 guests, because one of my friends had the flu and needed to cancel.  Since it was a Sunday evening and we're all moms, we had a ridiculously early dinner reservation.  It was no wonder that the place was pretty quiet at 5pm, but I was surprised to see a few tables occupied.  The building is a restored barn and it's interior was lovely and charming, but I don't recall the cathedral ceiling or "loft area" that you see on the website- I'm guessing that is a private event space separate from the main restaurant.  Where we sat, ceilings were low and it had an old-world inn feel, with dark wood posts and distinctively patterned hardwood floors.  Our server was very charming and attentive at the beginning of the meal, but ended up MIA as the meal progressed.  At one point, I had to flag down someone else to get something I needed!

A friend brought a bottle of rose, which we shared with a reasonable corkage fee.  For starters, my friends ordered a cup of the soup of the day (tomato) and a beet salad.  I didn't try either of them so cannot comment.  I also remember a bread basket... but can't remember if it was above average or not!  

For our mains:

I ordered the New Bedford Sea Scallops, which were pan seared with beurre blanc and served with garlic mashed potatoes and the seasonal veggie was roasted carrots, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato.  This was $30 and came with 5 scallops.

Friend #1 got the Vegetable Napoleon, which if you are familiar with the dessert- comes in layers.  It arrived in a little round tower, other elements were chèvre, balsamic glace, red pepper coulis & garlic mashed potatoes.  It certainly looked impressive!  $22

Friend #2 went with the Pan Seared Chicken Breast, served with rosemary garlic jus, garlic mashed potatoes & seasonal veggies. $26

Although everything was cooked perfectly fine, there was nothing really exciting or special about the food.  If you like bland, you will love it!  And I feel that the prices were high, especially given the location but portion sizes were very reasonable.

After entrees, I ordered another glass of wine (a white pinot gris) while we mulled over the dessert list.  The chocolate caramel tart ($10) that we shared 3-ways was exceptional, and very rich but that didn't stop us from polishing it off!  The brick shaped confection seemed more chocolately than caramely (no complaints here!) even though it was billed as "caramel custard & chocolate ganache" and came over pooled over both types of sauces.

Although Russell's was a perfectly pleasant meal, I'm not sure I would return.  Prices were a little high for what I ate, and my tastebuds tend to steer more exotic!


Woodinville's best kept secret! I love #Russells! These guys are fantastic! I've been going to Russell's for their Chicken Sandwiches for what seems like 12 odd years!

Woodinville's best kept secret! I love #Russells! These guys are fantastic! I've been going to Russell's for their Chicken Sandwiches for what seems like 12 odd years! My love for Russell's chicken sandwich began when they used to operate out of a small hole in the wall restaurant by Hollywood school house in Woodinville! I used to crave their sandwiches and to this day, they are my most favorite sandwiches!

This review should have been done years ago but better late than never. The chef and the people here are so generous! I often went to their old location for lunch and one day I happened to go for dinner to get my sandwich fix. Little did I know the sandwiches weren't on the dinner menu. I was a student at the time, so my budget was limited, my sister and I were seated at the table and when I saw the menu I was so embarrassed because all we wanted was sandwiches and the menu has everything but a sandwich. I was about to politely leave but I wanted to explain to my server that I came for sandwiches and since it's not there I will be back for lunch. She went and talked to the chef, who was so honored that I loved the sandwiches that much that he told our server that he would make an exception and do sandwiches for us. Delighted but still nervous I enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal. I was nervous because I had no idea how much the sandwiches would cost us at the dinner rate especially since we now had gotten royalty treatment from them. 

When I asked for the check, they said dinner was on the chef and they thanked me for loving their sandwiches as much as I did! I gave my server a generous tip and was so touched by the chefs gesture. The next time I took a thank you card a box of chocolates and dropped it off for the chef.

I don't know who the chef was, all I know is some experiences leave an imprint in your heart and this was one of them. In today's day and age when we are so caught up with life, when someone makes a kind gesture as such, it's never forgotten. I often tell my story to friends when I introduce them to molbecks garden cafe! I have been to their barn restaurant and love their steaks and service but my favorite still is the chicken sandwich that's there for lunch! No one does it quite as well as they do!

I miss the personal attention and coziness of the small place they used to have by Hollywood school but the garden cafe has its own beauty, and the barn is just spectacular! It's got this Texan feel to it! The service is great but I'm still their sandwich kinda girl! the sandwiches have not changed a bit in the last 12 -13 years! Love you guys dearly! Thank you for what u did for me all those years ago!!!