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Sushi Chinoise

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4.33 (3 reviews)
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19122 Beardslee Blvd
Ste 201
Bothell, WA 98011

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Call (425) 402-0200
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Sushi Chinoise was created to offer our guests a taste of Asia. We specialize in Pan-Pacific Rim cuisine, fresh sushi delicacies, as well as seafood and vegetable dishes. All our menu items are cooked to order, using fresh and flavorful ingredients. Offering sushi bar, dine-in, to-go, and craft cocktails.



Bothell, Washington
19122 Beardslee Blvd Ste 201


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Overall: A solid four stars. I'd come back and I'd be very comfortable bringing my non-Asian friends.

This restaurant is in the new part of Bothell. All the establishments in this complex look brand-new. There is even a vacant spot next door to this restaurant, that's how new it all is! 

My husband and I visited this restaurant for the first time this week. We arrived around 6:00 pm. and were greeted and seated within 2 minutes in a quiet corner out of sight from most patrons and anyone outside. Happy hour lasts until 6:30, so we ordered a spicy tuna roll, a crunch roll, and chicken gyozas from the happy hour menu and Shanghai noodles from the dinner menu. 

Food: Tasted great and portions are good. Five pieces per happy hour sushi roll and six chicken gyozas. The plate of Shanghai noodles was pretty big, but not overwhelmingly so.

Ambiance: It is a clean, quiet establishment. It must also be well-ventilated because we did not smell like the food when we left. It got busy right around 7:00 pm. The entire dining room was full except the quiet, out-of-the-way nook where we were seated, which can seat four parties (two 4-seaters and two 2-seaters). I appreciated that we got seated in a quiet corner, but I'm pretty sure I was the only Asian (Chinese) young adult in the room from what I could see. It's always a good sign when an Asian restaurant has Asian patrons. On my way out, I spotted a Chinese family sitting in a booth in the main dining room by a window, so that was good, I guess. The rest of the patrons were...not Asian.

Service: Great service from the moment went entered until we paid our bill. Our waitress came back to our table with the two sushi rolls we ordered to start, and took the rest of our order before the 6:30 deadline for happy hour. I appreciated that. Our water was refilled as often as needed, and we never had to ask. 

Payment: Swift and efficient. We paid with a Visa credit card.

Overall: A solid four stars. I'd come back and I'd be very comfortable bringing my non-Asian friends.


Anyway, check it out! Great spot. Great people. Great food.

Having been a big fan of the other location in Issaquah, we were happy to see the Bothell one open up so close to home. We even saw a familiar face as our waitress transferred over. The sushi here is the best! Even my 3 year old loves coming here. He can color while waiting for all the gyoza he can eat. A friend of mine in Issaquah recommended the Pho which I didn't even know they served here. I tried it. Not a big fan but the sushi and everything else makes up for it. I especially love their Carribean roll which has coconut shrimp in it basically. 

Anyway, check it out! Great spot. Great people. Great food. Go downstairs and get some Menchies afterwards.


Sushi Chinoise is a really solid pan-Asian restaurant just outside downtown Bothell, and I look forward to coming back to try out more of the menu.

Sushi Chinoise is a really solid pan-Asian restaurant just outside downtown Bothell, and I look forward to coming back to try out more of the menu. There was nothing amazing about the dining experience here, but the food was good, portions were large and satisfying, and I think this is a good spot if you're in the area.

The restaurant is located in a newer apartment/retail complex, just a couple of blocks off the Beardslee Blvd. exit on I-405. It's really easy to find. Parking was fairly simple too -- there is a crowded and busy parking lot just outside the restaurant if you want to take a chance on parking within steps of the entrance, or if you don't want to deal with that there's a well-lit and clean retail parking garage underneath with lots of open spaces (you'll have to take a couple of flights of stairs up).

Sushi Chinoise is decorated in a plain-but-inoffensive style. Brightly lit inside, with high ceilings and forgettable Japanese-style art, a few TVs playing sports, and lots of cheap bamboo furniture. When we arrived, the restaurant itself was fully packed with customers. We got lucky though, as a table was leaving right as we walked in, and so our wait for a table was only a couple of minutes. Service, however, was slow. It seemed like the restaurant had 3-4 bussers cleaning tables, bringing water/food, and seating customers, but only one person taking orders for the whole restaurant. We waited quite awhile to place our order, but after we did, everything else was fairly timely and smooth.

On to the food. Fair warning: this pan-Asian food is heavily "Americanized," meaning that portions are larger, heavier on salt and sugar, and include more Western ingredients/styles than more authentic Asian dishes. Some folks automatically see this as a bad thing, and if you place high value on "authenticity," this might not be the restaurant for you. Taking it at face value, however, and judging solely on the flavors and freshness, I thought Sushi Chinoise's food was excellent overall. We started with the calamari appetizer, which was delicious: tempura fried and covered in salt-and-pepper and some kind of delicious, exotic seasoning -- call me crazy but it tasted a lot like a dukkah spice blend. Whatever it was, it was my favorite part of the dish. On to the main entree, I had the spicy ginger beef, which was a large portion of quality flank steak, cooked well-done and marinated in a sweet, thick ginger sauce -- not very spicy but nonetheless pretty good. I also had a Red Dragon sushi roll, which was large and well-made. Not the greatest maki I've ever tried but still worth ordering. The "Beat Bobby Flay" poke bibimbap was excellent.

Overall, I think that you might not go out of your way to visit Sushi Chinoise, but if you're in the area and hungry, you would absolutely have a good experience here, and I look forward to coming back in the future.