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Vivendo Restaurant

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4.67 (3 reviews)
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23718 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98021

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Call (425) 487-3202
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Enjoy our Mediterranean influenced dining room located in historic Country Village in Bothell. Our friendly staff delivers fresh Italian & Greek specialties and creative dishes with a distinctive flair. Taste the fine wines, fresh local fish, specialty salads and Italian cuisine in a comfortable and romantic atmosphere. 

Whether it is relaxing with a glass of fine wine, a business lunch, a romantic dinner, or dessert and Turkish coffee after, you can be sure to receive excellent service and your meal will be prepared with great skill. At Vivendo Restaurant & Bar, we strive to make your meal and service a delightful experience. 

With our live music on the weekends & mouth-watering menu, we are confident that you will come back and relive the moment. Our family's recipes represent a refined take on Italian fare focusing on the freshest ingredients in the Seattle area.

Vivendo serves classical Northern Italian cuisine, a hint of Greek/Mediterranean flair and an atmosphere you may want to call home and never leave.



Bothell, Washington
23718 Bothell Everett Hwy


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 Seriously, get an order and share with everyone at the table!  You will not be sorry. Yummmmmm

Oh my goodness I found gnocchi heaven!!!  I have had gnocchi in the Italian part of New York and other restaurants but never quite loved it. It was always greasy and didn't have enough flavor. Wow!!  I have just hit the jackpot right in country village.   Yesterday I had a break and grabbed some Alfredo gnocchi for lunch, it was so sublime I had to come over and write a review!  Creamy Alfredo sauce, lots of garlic and cheese covered this spectacular meal. 

I do nails at Luvnailz in the Country Village and also teach classes there and will many times bring the entire class to Viviendo for lunch. Everyone enjoys their grinders and salads and I get bruschetta quite often. But I have never had this amazing gnocchi!   

Yesterday I came back with the gnocchi and there was a class being taught by my friend in the training center and I shared ONE little heavenly dumpling with each person and everyone moaned with delight. The other Nailtech I work with blamed me for the future weight she will gain.  Lol.  Seriously, get an order and share with everyone at the table!  You will not be sorry. Yummmmmm


Definitely would recommend this spot for lunch!

Located in a charming little village that's full of roosters & chickens wandering around, finding this place was like a mini adventure. If you have trouble finding it, simply look for the mini wooden street signs that will have the restaurant's name.

Once you're in, the restaurant itself is cozy, rustic, and very cute. With Christmas decor scattered about, a grand piano right in the center, this place is perfect for group lunches and such. 

For lunch, I ordered the pesto tortellini with sausage. Overall, excellentttttt flavors and a decent portion size. Given how rich the sauce was, with its creamy texture and herbal taste, I enjoyed my pasta a lot. As for the sausage, it's quite interesting to eat since it has more of a halal like taste to it (similar to gyro meat flavor). So if you're looking for something different, try pasta with the sausage meat!

As for service, it was average. Parking is a little hard to find during the lunch hour but overall, no matter where you park, you'll definitely be enjoying the view of the village plus the random roosters who apparently likes to play in dirt. :) 

Definitely would recommend this spot for lunch!


Absolutely divine classic Italian food.

Absolutely divine classic Italian food. The pesto gnocchi was like nothing I've ever tasted. Don't be fooled by the simple store front. Everything is homemade and by someone who knows what they are doing!

PS the tiramisu is amazing.