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Ok, I may be sounding a bit too negative.

People have been placing candles in glass containers for hundreds of years. But then Glassybaby
comes along with a bunch of colorful, handmade, blown-glass votives with names like "Embrace"
and people go crazy. I really don't understand this phenomena, but I'm always impressed when an
industrious and creative person figures out a way to make people pay fifty bucks for something that
had previously been free. It's funny to me too that they sell them in sets, which would suggest a
discount for buying multiple, right? But no, you just get to buy them in a set. They give you a box
though. And limited editions are also available, which is genius because even though you'll never
be able to sell these things for a profit, it makes you feel like you gotta buy it now before it's gone!
Ok, I may be sounding a bit too negative. I do like Glassybaby. These are nice votives to be sure.
Well made, attractive and colorful. The store even lets you experiment with candles so you can see
what you're getting. I just don't understand how this became a thing? I guess that's why I'll never be
independently wealthy.


This was a gift as I would never spend this much money on myself.))

I was looking for a wedding gift for my brother in law. Nice that they have parking in front of the
store as parking is hard to find in downtown Bellevue. It's very simple, industrial space. A few
shelves and a lot of candle holders. I see that they are all individually hand blown and have a
beautiful story to tell but do they have to be SOOOOO expensive. $44 each, OMG. I think it's great
that 10% is going to cancer research but gosh it's expensive.
If I pick up a Glassybaby and another similar candle holder, how can I tell this is a Glassybaby?
There isn't a signature design or look so my in laws know that I paid ALOT for their gift but I know
they will love. The other thing is I took half an hour there trying to find similar size ones. They are
different heights so it's not fun to give 4 different size holders. It's nice they have the tea candles so
you can put them in the holders and light them in the store. When I lit them up, I kept looking for
something magical to happen but nothing happened. They look like any candle holder.
The staff there were both very helpful and knowledgeable. They helped me look for the right size as

Not my cup of tea. This was a gift as I would never spend this much money on myself.


These are great gifts. Every single one is hand made, with a unique design.

I've never heard of Glassybaby until my co-worker told me about it when we were trying to think of
a retirement gift.
These are great gifts. Every single one is hand made, with a unique design, and name to go along
with it. I know people will just be like, "It's a candle holder, so what?"...but it's more than that. You
take hours to think of the perfect descriptive word that would describe that person, look at each
individual holder and observe the differences, and then pick based on that. So when you receive a
Glassybaby, that person spent a long time choosing which color to give you.
Staff is wonderful. Everyone in there that is looking for the perfect gift or addition to their home was
willing to help us with which color to choose. Hope that someday someone will give me one!