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Lincoln Square

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4.67 (3 reviews)
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700 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Call (425) 646-3660
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Bellevue, Washington
700 Bellevue Way NE


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Lincoln Square / Bellevue Square offers such an incredible variety of options, no matter your taste.

Dropping a 5 star here because Lincoln Square / Bellevue Square offers such an incredible variety
of options, no matter your taste. You can try almost any variety of cuisine you like then follow up
with a movie at one of the best cinemas in the area. If you are here for shopping, you have hit the
jackpot. Video games or bowling? Lucky Strike. Billiards or club night? Parlor. Irish pub? Patty
Coyne's. The list goes on - taiwan food, Italian, sports bar, whatever.
Love downtown Bellevue!


Nice mall!

The main parking garage off of Bellevue way is a death box. People will wait in front of you for up to
two minutes for a parking spot while a long line of cars trap you from behind. The extra frustrating
part is that a million spots are open if they would just drive up a level.
Other than that it's a nice mall.


I love Lincoln Square!

I love Lincoln Square, plain and simple. This place didn't exist when I went to high school in
Bellevue which is really hard to believe.
There are a ton of restaurants, a Lucky Strike, a beautiful Chihuly chandelier and one of my favorite
movie theaters in the area.Even though LS has been open for a while, it still feels really new and clean. While I know that
people always complain about how much everything costs, I'd say it's pretty comparable to other
restaurants in the area. Nothing overwhelmingly shocking.
I usually come to Lincoln Square more for nights out with the girls - but the occasional date night is
fun, too.
The only downside is fighting the Bellevue traffic on the weekends. And the parking situation. Even
though I always manage to find parking, I am never sure where I'll "pop up" since the underground
parking lots are a maze.