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Great staff, service, return policy, products.I love Nordstrom.)

I love Nordstrom. I've also been a Nordstrom Visa holder forever. They are world re-known for their
products and services, so I generally expect good service at all locations across the United States.
But this location always seems to be staffed with super friendly and helpful associates. It does not
matter what you decide to buy apparel, food, toys, etc... All the staff are extremely knowledgeable
and provide constructive input. I even bought a baby stroller here! BTW - they even have
Nordstrom theme (white and grey) models from certain stroller manufacturers, for the fanatics like
My recent review was for a birthday gift for my wife. I've been searching for the right present. Louis
Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, etc... But all those stores have staff that have an extreme amount of
arrogance and "snob" to them, even though most staff probably can't even afford to buy the
products. Nordstrom carries luxury product lines but the staff always seem so down to earth. I've
purchased Louis Vuitton and Chanel from Nordstrom several times at the downtown Seattle
location. Surprisingly, my wife was hinting at Tory Burch, I was ecstatic as most know it's over 3/4
(75%) less than any of the aforementioned brands.
So I went Bellevue Square's Nordstrom at 9pm on a weekday. I was expecting tired staff as it is
during the Holiday extended hours. I was bouncing around areas and went to the Tory Burch
handbag section. Christine Chung greeted me and was patient and helpful. She even let me know
that there was a 10 point day coming up on Sunday. But I was reluctant to go through the hassle of
dealing with Xmas shoppers, she offered to write up a "pre-sale" order, where I could get the points
and they would ring it up as if I was there. I was like "heck" ya! Didn't even know that it was even
possible. She even called me to let me know when my gifts were ready for
pickup. She even gift wrapped everything.. Great for husbands and boyfriends who, like me, hate to
do gift wrapping.
Great staff, service, return policy, products and a credit card that allows you to accumulate points
even for non-Nordstrom purchases. You won't get that at Macy's, Amazon, or another retailer that's for sure.