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Metropolitan Detail

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12700 Bel Red Rd
Bellevue, WA 98005

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Call (425) 233-6068
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  EXTERIOR / INTERIOR Full comprehensive exterior and interior detail services with the most advanced polishes and coatings. AUTOMOTIVE FILM The most comprehensive and seamless clear bra installations. Featuring STEK DYNOshield Paint Protection Film and High Performance Window Tints. WASH & PROTECT It's important to keep your exterior protected between details. Keep your car looking great with our selection of maintenance services. SPECIALTY Dents, dings, chips, odors, pet hair and more. Our highly trained team can help recondition, protect and preserve your vehicle's needs.


Bellevue, Washington
12700 Bel Red Rd


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Metropolitan is one of the best shops in the city...

Metropolitan is one of the best shops in the city... No questions asked. I brought my minutes old 2017 Audi
Q7 in for a full PPF wrap (Matte film), tint and opticoat (windows and wheels). John and I worked through
everything I wanted done and even spent some time talking to Benjamin about the wrap install process. He
is meticulous about every detail. It took a couple days longer than initially thought, but the results were well
worth the delay. If you are considering paint protection film or just need a detail, these are the guys to come


10 stars for customer service!Highly recommended!

I was torn between XPEL vs STEK protective film as well as what type of ceramic coating for my brand new
Tesla Model S. I wanted to go with XPEL as it was more established, but that meant going with another
detailer as Metropolitan had switched over to STEK. But John took me around, showed me the different
products, showed me around the shop where some of the cars being worked already had the various
products so that I could see and feel and make my own impressions. I really liked the quality of the work, and
that they had 5-star review on Yelp, as well as having a Tesla Model S for a loaner car, that I went with them.
I was torn between doing the film on the entire car, or just to do entire front+doors and ceramic coat the rest.
After talking about what type of driving I do, John recommended doing the film on the entire front, both rocker
panels, and rear fenders. Definitely brought the cost down; I ended up asking for the plastic portions on the
roof filmed, the windows tinted, and everything else to have ceramic coating to include rims. Was still within
the budget I had set for myself.
I have to say that their customer service is unparalleled. The loaner Model S wasn't ready by the time I was
ready to leave (I did drop in without calling ahead--it would've been helpful if I had called first) so they gave
me a different loaner, then John offered to drive way out of his way (I live in Gig Harbor) to drop off the loaner

Model S and switch out when it was ready. In my book, that is worth 10 stars for customer service!
I was super impressed with the professional service and the final product was flawless. Just touching the car
was super smooth and it was so glossy! It looked and felt better than when I picked up the car at delivery!
I will definitely be coming back here for car details and more. Highly recommended!