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Early World Children’s School

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13831 Bel Red Rd
Bellevue, WA 98005

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Call (425) 747-7020
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Who Are We?

Early World Children's School is a well-established school offering a curriculum shaped by Montessori

principles. We believe that children are best prepared academically through hands-on experiences and

quality social interaction.

We are situated on a multi-acre campus which is convenient to downtown Bellevue and Microsoft and

offers ample room for kids to run, play and learn. Our numerous outdoor play areas provide children

areas to explore nature.

Our healthy meals, year-round outdoor spaces, and well-trained caring staff are some of the reasons

families have entrusted us with their children's early learning since 1973.


Bellevue, Washington
13831 Bel Red Rd


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Our daughter was in daycare at Early World from 18 months - 2.5 years old.

Our daughter was in daycare at Early World from 18 months - 2.5 years old. It's well run, with kind,
loving, attentive teachers. This was our daughter's first daycare experience and it went really well - the
teachers helped with the transition and she really loved both the young toddler room and the 2 year old
room. Ms Renee and Ms Katherine were excellent, and my daughter still remembers them and misses
I can't say enough fantastic things about Miss Melodie in the 2yo room - she potty trained our strong
willed daughter at 27 months! I thought she was crazy to start so early but she totally got the job done.
We are forever grateful for that! :)
The toddlers did fantastic art projects and had well-thought-out sensory activities, all within the learning
themes for each month. That wasn't something we were looking for in a toddler daycare, but it was a
much appreciated bonus.
Toddlers stay in their classroom for 6 months, so that transition came sooner than I expected, but the
teachers helped make it easier.
Since this is a daycare, they are open most days of the year, which is super convenient for working parents. In addition they have an occasional Parents Night Out, which we used, and it was fantastic.
The school is well-run and we never had to speak to the director about any concerns we had. I highly
recommend it.


Yelp has just 5 start rating Where as Early World Staff deserve 10 star rating .

Yelp has just 5 start rating Where as Early World Staff deserve 10 star rating .About Early World children school and friendly staff, they are so good that I don't have words to express.
My Daughter joins preschool program there .From the moment I met the staff, they are welcoming and
friendly. The atmosphere is fun and educational which is what I was looking for in a preschool. The
preschool program is wonderful. My daughter was comfortable right from the start . They truly give the
children their undivided attention and are very caring. I see it when I come to pick her up. I always hear
the funny things she did that day or had said. My daughter comes home and tells me all about it every
day! Love hearing her stories! She love her teacher Ms. Tina and Ms. Katie. After coming home, my
daughter wants to go back to Ms. Tina. We will miss you EARLY World Children School.
I absolutely recommend this school for anyone who is looking for a fun, family oriented and safe
environment for their children.


Best of all, parents can go to work without that nagging feeling in the back of their mind that their child is unsafe or not well cared-for.

Early World Children's School is part of a small, locally and family-owned chain of five schools for kids
from age 1 year through 1st grade. My daughter (now 13) attended Newport Children's School from
when she was 2.5 until she started second grade in September of 2008 (and we loved that school!), so I
had a good idea what to expect at Early World.
My son just turned five and he's been in a private at-home care situation since he was 6 months old.
That has been awesome from a love and care perspective, but he's ready to flex his academic and
social muscles/wings and that requires a formal preschool. Early World has yet to disappoint!
The younger kids are in the gorgeous new building, purpose built for the school. The kids have access
to excellent covered and uncovered play areas, including what is probably Bellevue's largest sandbox.
Kids have recess twice a day for 45 minutes each time... and I believe those 90 minutes are CRITICAL
to their health and well-being. The only days that they stay inside are ones that are truly bitter cold.
Tuition here is much less than having a nanny, less than Bright Horizons, slightly more than many of the
smaller schools and daycare centers, and much more than the cheapest baby jails like Kindercare. For
a 5-year old, five days a week full-time is $1185 a month. Before you panic, that includes breakfast,
morning snack, cooked on-site lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack. The center is open from 6:30
am - 6:30 pm every weekday except for six holidays a year, though the state mandates that kids can be
in care for a maximum of 10 hours a day. It also includes ALL supplies they will ever need except a
change of clothes and sunscreen. Kids Felix's age go on monthly field trips and sometimes there's a
small cost associated with that, but otherwise, this school is not going to nickel and dime you, which means you can control your family budget.
The teachers are all college-educated and certified in early childhood education. The school has passed
rigorous academic, social, and health criteria well beyond what the state requires. Kids have music class
twice a week in addition to a full age-appropriate curriculum. The center operates at well below the
state-permitted ratios; for Felix's age group, there are two teachers and a teacher's aide for 17 kids
(under a 1:6 ratio); the state permits a 1:10 ratio. Most importantly, the teachers are paid better than
average for the industry and they receive benefits, which means that they are more likely to stay with the
school for a long time. NCS and Early World each have several 20+ year teachers, and one of Felix's
teachers has been with that class for 6 years. That experience, and happy teachers, matters to the kids.
A lot of childcare centers pay lip service to cleaning protocols but Early World just does them... it's
internalized and you can see teachers reflexively cleaning whenever they see something that needs it,
and before and after meals and snacks. The place looks and smells clean because it IS clean. Kids
learn better and feel more secure in a clean, tidy environment, so I'm glad that they make this effort. It
also helps keep the inevitable sickness to a minimum.
There is a true open-door policy, with parents welcome at ANY time. It is fun to be there once in a while
to get a good sense of what the kids are learning and doing and to meet your child's friends. You are

also usually welcome to stay for lunch... the food is varied and good, though it will challenge the veggie-
phobic preschoolers. LOL Nothing like peer pressure to get them to try new things!

Darcy runs the office and she is friendly and well-organized. She loves her job and the kids, and it
shows... she makes it easy to choose Early World and to interact with the school.
Best of all, parents can go to work without that nagging feeling in the back of their mind that their child is
unsafe or not well cared-for. If there's an earthquake, medical problem, or some other issue, the staff at
Early World is well-trained and will handle it right to keep the kids safe. That peace of mind is worth a lot
to me.