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Eastgate Cooperative Preschool

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15318 SE Newport Way
Bellevue, WA 98006

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Call (425) 643-8974
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At Eastgate Co-op Preschool in Bellevue, WA, kids learn through fun interactive play, hands-on exploration and self-directed discoveries. Parents volunteer in the classroom and attend parent education sessions on discipline, development, and early learning. Our preschool is more than a learning environment - it is a family.


Bellevue, Washington
15318 SE Newport Way


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I am so happy this school exists.

I am so happy this school exists. I love not only what my child gets from this school but also what I as a
parent gets with the parent education. There is a great community of kids, parents, and educators.


Seriously, if you are looking for a co-op, you must tour the school and talk to the people, you would fall in love it too.

I LOVE ECP, I began my search for a good co-op after I had bad experience with a different toddler
group that was offered also through the Bellevue College program (awkward school layout, no secure
outdoor play area, and unfriendly parents). I toured 5 different facilities and talked to different parents,
and ECP is by far the BEST in terms of friendliness of the parents, quality of teachers, AND and fully
fenced large outdoor play area equipped with bikes and sandbox toys.
I started out wanting a play-based environment for my child and ended up becoming a true believer.
The quality of learning is second to none! The teachers work with parents and students to deliver
individualized learning that respect the child as an individual. My child started a bit reserved, didn't
really make any friends, and even got picked on by other kids for no apparent reason. But the teacher
took the time to slowly correct the behavior of the more aggressive kids and listened to my concerns
while providing thoughtful recommendations to help coach my child.
With patience and time, I saw my child went from a shy, reserved, and often nervous in various social
settings at school, to a generous, happy, and social child among her peers. She loves her teacher and told her she loved her during the first week of school. Which kind of brought tears to my eyes because
at the time she just didn't easily open up to anyone.
This school is run by volunteer parents with kids going to the school, for the parents with kids going to
school. You can most definitely sense the love and care that each parent bring to the co-op. People
eventually got to know each other and their children well and move on to forge lasting friendships.
For my daughter's last year of preschool, I am excited to be serving on the board, this is the last year
before I kind of lose my opportunity to really witness her growth and to be right there with her when
things get tough.
Seriously, if you are looking for a co-op, you must tour the school and talk to the people, you would fall
in love it too.


ECP has been a great school for our family.

ECP has been a great school for our family. The play-based curriculum allows children to explore
activities at their own pace and focus on their own interests. The parent education component is very
insightful and applicable to all families as we navigate life with young children. The teachers are
passionate, caring, and fun! As new residents to the area when we first discovered ECP, it served as an
incredible opportunity to meet and connect with other families. ECP a place where the best interest of
the children is the top priority. We've been so pleased with our experience at Eastgate Cooperative