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Huntington Learning Center

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1915 140th Ave NE Evergreen Village,Ste D3A
Bellevue, WA 98005

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Call (425) 643-8098
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Why does Huntington Learning Center work? For almost 40 years, we’ve treated students as individuals, and tailored our tutoring programs to fit their unique needs, academic goals and schedules. The best part? Our tutoring centers are proven to accelerate academic results, so you can trust us to help your child succeed.


Bellevue, Washington
1915 140th Ave NE Evergreen Village, Ste D3A


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The ACT prep program at Huntington does work! Without the help from Huntington, my daughter will not have such a high score.

Before any preparation, my daughter scored 28 on her mock ACT test. After finishing a twenty-two
hours tutoring program with Huntington in Bellevue, she took the official ACT, and she scored 35 on the
first try!
The ACT prep program at Huntington does work! Without the help from Huntington, my daughter will not
have such a high score.
We first met with Sklyer, one of the directors at the learning center, she is attentive and professional.
She immediately recognized my daughter's strength and weakness and offered us two options on how
to do the preparation. She is reasonable and honest with us on the recommendations. During and after
the tutoring program, Skyler did some follow-ups with us and checked on the status / progress of my
My daughter had different tutors with Huntington. At first, I did not really like the idea, but later on, I
found out that it was actually helpful. The tutors have strength on different subjects and all have different
teaching style, in which my daughter benefited a lot.
Last, but not least, the owner of Huntington, Brian, is very approachable and really cares for the kids
who have the tutoring at the center. He gave my daughter a free thirty minutes consultation at the end
of the program and gave my daughter some really good advice!I feel that our money on the ACT Prep at Huntington was well spent!


Thank you so much!

Brian's team helped my daughter raise her SAT score 320 points from where she started. Skyler and
Michelle were amazing tutors. My daughter does great academically and is a very hard worker but
struggles with timed tests and not a typical learner. Huntington's one on one approach allowed her to
focus on her specific needs and at her own pace. She now has confidence in all aspects of this test and
the strategies have carried over to the classroom as well.