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Tottini Discovery

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5.00 (2 reviews)
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2253 140th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005

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Call (425) 505-2794
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Mission  Tottini Discovery is an early learning center dedicated to doing what's best for the children and making it easy on the parents. We offer high quality care & education through smaller teacher-to- student ratios, a nurturing & experienced staff, healthy meals & snacks prepared on-site, and access to a variety of life enrichment activities. Serving children ages 6 weeks to 6 years, our dedicated teachers use an individualized approach to encourage your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. Our commitment to your child’s success will prepare them for the skills they'll need to thrive beyond their early education years. Tottini Discovery strives to be a positive neighbor in our local & global communities. A portion of our profits go to select organizations & charities that serve children in need of quality education and access to basic life resources.


Bellevue, Washington
2253 140th Ave NE


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I waited a while to write this review because..)

I waited a while to write this review because I was observing the sustainability of continuity of their
quality. They managed to keep it, so here we go :
- Pretty interactive Teacher -Parent environment. We got all the answers to our questions on timely
manner with the correct context.
- School management communicates the changes/information on timely manner and if you raise a
problem/issue they really try to fix it and help you instead of just pushing back.
- Food is organic and well served.
- Our daughter likes the environment and teachers as well. You can feel the positive energy of both
Ms Taran and Ms Ja'Nhae for the toddler class. Kids love them and on can easily observe that they
are caring and love the kids.
- Class Dojo , this is a brilliant application and I appreciate that Tottini is using it.
- Facilities are well designed and there is enough space for all the kids.
-School and classes are very clean
- They care about the development of the children
We observed some very positive behavioral changes in our daughter like taking her plates to the kitchen after she finishes the meal. She just passed 2 years and she was throwing her food around
the table most of the time and we were shocked when the first time we saw her doing this, she is
more expressive and more social.
I strongly recommend Tottini to any parent.


Thanks Ashleigh, Jen and all the teachers and staff for making this school an amazing place.

The rest of the reviews have said it all already, but I have nothing but great things to say about
Tottini. I needed childcare for my daughter due to my other daughter's very full therapy schedule
on top of school. I'm with my kids full time so I didn't need "full time" care for her but I did need
flexibility with drop off/pick up hours. But most of all, I needed a supportive school where I knew my
daughter would thrive (and have fun of course!) that would also support and understand our family
and our needs. Tottini welcomes and supports all kiddos including those who need a little extra
help, and it shows with how loving and qualified the staff is.
I could go on and on but as others have stated: they provide all the food for the kids, provide
sensory projects and activities, outside time whenever possible, and the use of ClassDojo is pretty
awesome. It's always a nice feeling seeing a pic of my daughter with a huge smile on her face at
school. We live in Kirkland and could find a closer school to home but this place is well worth the drive.Thanks Ashleigh, Jen and all the teachers and staff for making this school an amazing place.