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Wright Life Chiropractic

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1299 156th Ave NE Ste 123
Bellevue, WA 98007

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Welcome to the Wright Life.

You have chosen chiropractic as the means to relieve chronic or acute pain, and increase or restore the ability of the body to perform normal functional activities. Through the use of diagnostic evaluation, doctor/patient consultations, and the latest in therapeutic equipment and techniques, the doctors and staff want to serve you and work with you to find and remove the cause of your suffering so that your body can begin the recuperative process to restore good health.

The alternative to surgery and drugs

The use of chiropractic for treatment of symptoms in the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs, for auto and sports injuries, muscle spasm, headache and a variety of other illnesses, is a very different approach from that of orthodox medicines. Chiropractic, through manipulation and treatment of the spine, can permanently relieve physical and physiological problems. Orthodox medicine treats these similar problems with drugs and surgeries. Chiropractic is the modern medical alternative for health conscious people, although physical treatment has existed since ancient times. As a healing science, modern chiropractic has gained a great deal of public acceptance and acclaim. It is a natural, non-invasive and painless approach which has produced a cost effective long lasting results.


Bellevue, Washington
1299 156th Ave NE Ste 123


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Dr. Wright and his wife are both great chiropractors.

Dr. Wright and his wife are both great chiropractors. Very attentive and helpful. Definitely can recommend them.