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Stone Restaurant & Lounge

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2.67 (3 reviews)
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1020 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Call (425) 454-2709
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inquiry: events & hosting our venue is avaliable for groups of people that want a memorable and enjoyable experience. let us help you achieve that outcome by sharing with us some information to better understand how stone lounge can serve you.


Bellevue, Washington
1020 Bellevue Way NE


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Pretty! Aesthetically, I was impressed walking in. Modern and sharp, complete with a deadpan
humored bartender.
We sidled up to the bar while we waited for the rest of the bards to show up. Looking at their menu,
I noticed that their hours are really good (open for lunch and open until 2am.) The HH is long (4pm -
7pm) and have a decent variety of HH food too (chicken skewers, garlic parmesan fries, wings,
flatbread pizzas etc.)
This is where things start to be really good or really bad: The rooms are long and skinny for a 15-
person room, which is good! We all can see the screen, and there was plenty of seating. The
screen was hi-def -- great quality.
That's when we saw it: the stationary stand where you enter your music choices. It's alllll the way at
the end of the room and allows only ONE person to sit and select songs at a time. Awkward for
everybody. And whoever designed the UI for the song selection software itself... wow. There wasn't
any thinking of "U" or "I" when it was made, that's for sure.
Then there were the microphones. They were on wires (remember how long that room is?) and if
somebody left a mic on, the reverb sound was intense.
BUT, daaaaang many of the popular songs they did have had the actual music video that goes with

the song -- with pretty accurate lyrics. Like Rock Box, Stone Lounge has Asian songs as well, but
RB offers a better selection of music overall, regardless of language.
Service in the room was really good; the cocktails themselves ehhhhh not so much. I'd avoid the
cocktails (I had to send the Old Fashioned back and the Manhattan... well, it was only $5...)
I'd go again, though! Warn your people that only one person at a time can enter their songs, or you
can unofficially elect a friend to be the KJ like we did.


But even still, we had a lot of fun and are excited to come back!

Came here for a birthday party. We got the medium sized room and filled it with 15 people. It was
not too crowded. The server we had was wonderful. We kept her busy but she stayed on top of
everything and had a great attitude. Also, they put up a Birthday sign and balloons, which was a
great surprise. The price was decent. $80 per hour for 15 people and they bring food and drinks to
you. I'm giving 4 stars because some of the food wasn't great and it was HOT!! We had to keep the
door propped open because we were all starting to sweat. It wasn't ideal because other people
walking by could hear us and I'm sure they weren't thrilled about it either.
But even still, we had a lot of fun and are excited to come back!


Very disappointing experience here.

Very disappointing experience here. My friend rented a karaoke room for his wife's birthday and
the entire experience left quite a bit to be desired. The one thing that gives this place props is that
the room was clean and the karaoke machine was easy to use after a couple minutes of fidgeting
with it. On to the bad.
My friend called them and asked for the room to be nicely decorated with balloons and such for his
wife's birthday. They promised that this would be done. He asked me to swing by a few hours
earlier to drop off the cake and make sure the room was decorated. I got there around 9 and gave
a bartender the cake with candles, told her what name it is under and so on. I asked to see the
room in order to make sure it was decorated, but was told that there was another party in there at
the moment, and once they left they would clean up and decorate the room.
Fast forward 2 and a half hours and we arrive for the party. We get in the room and see that it was
not decorated at all. When we asked about it the waitress shrugged and said they were out of
decorations. In the end she was able to tape up a measly sign that said "happy birthday" on the
wall, minutes before birthday girl came in.

Next came ordering drinks. Everyone ordered from the waitress who collected our cards which we
would be using. She leaves and takes a very long time coming back with our drinks. When she
comes back she doesn't even have everyones drinks. We remind her, she agrees and leaves.
Takes the same amount of time to bring the last drinks. By this time everyone who got drinks
already finished and wants more. This continued all night.
Then came the grand daddy of epic fails on their part. We asked the waitress to bring out the cake.
She looks at us with this blank stare and asks what cake we are referring to. I remind her it is the
one we brought in at 9pm. She went around looking for 15 minutes and finally found the cake, but
not the candles. The search continued for candles. They were found, but the waitress decided that
16 people would not need a knife, plates and forks to eat the cake. When we asked about that she
got annoyed and told my friend (the bday girls husband) that we are not the only people there that
night and we shouldn't expect any special treatment. I was shocked. That is the complete bottom
end of rude. You do not speak to customers that way when you are the one messing up! If you
worked for me and spoke to a customer that way then you would be looking for a new job.
Finally the night begins to come to a close. We are sitting in the room, drinking and singing when
the waitress comes in, bouncer in tow in order to confiscate alcohol. I understand that they have to
take drinks after a certain time, but she was extremely rude about it. Instead of politely explaining
she just stated walking to each person and ripping drinks from their hands. She walks up to
birthday girl and gives her this look and tells her that she is only giving her a couple seconds to
finish her champagne because it is her birthday. When birthday girl goes over her couple seconds,
the bouncer comes up and tries to use his overbearing presence to make birthday girl cough up her
glass. What kind of lowlife does this dude think he is!? He really thinks it is ok for a 300 pound
dude to try to intimidate a 130 pound woman over a glass of champagne. what a joke! Second she
hands her glass over the bouncer throws his hands up and proclaims that we all have to leave with
the words "time to go!" Dude! There are 1000 ways you could have asked us to leave that would
have been infinitely more polite than how you put it. Next time I would recommend going with,
"Thank you for being with us tonight, we are nearing closing time so I would ask everyone to make
sure you did not forget anything and have a good night". I have so much more to say, but I am out
of characters. Not going back and would recommend you avoid it.