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10500 NE 8th St Ste 125
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Call (425) 679-6951
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SUITE Restaurant / Lounge is an award winning restaurant and popular nightspot situated in the

heart of Bellevue’s shopping district and is conveniently located on the lobby level of the

Wintergarden in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.


Chef Larry Gislason has created a menu that offers sharable and portable small plates for large

parties to enjoy as well as delectable entrees and desserts for finer dining experiences.


Bellevue, Washington
10500 NE 8th St Ste 125


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Users' reviews


In all, I would definitely swing by here again if I'm in the area. ^___^

Do note: this review is strictly for the "clubbing" aspect of Suite on a Saturday night.
After spending some time at Luckystrike, my friends and I visited Suite as an alternative place to go
dancing. Overall, definitely had a great time here :)
My observations:
~Music: Mix of reggaton/Latin/top 40/ EDM - basically, there's going to be a song that will at least
appeal to each person. Energy of the DJs were fun and upbeat
~No cover! Yeeeeeh, what more can I say? :)
~Security: I want to give a huge shout out to the awesome security guy who stood close to the
door, near the dance floor. :D Thank you for offering me a chair while I was on crutches and
allowing me an opportunity to boogie while not being on my injured leg

~Ambiance: I love the upscale feel of this place. It's fancy, people are dressed up, and the dance
floor is mad packed. Surprisingly, not a lot of creepers too (yay)
~Booths: Most if not all, are reserved. Not a lot of places to sit, so prepare to stand all night
~Parking: Just park at the garage and use the skybridge to get on over here. It's free
~Crowd: Definitely the older crowd, 30+. Be sure to look nice since majority of the people here
dress a bit more nicer than the usual
~Tip: To survive the hot dance floor, stand near the door. When that door opens, a gush of fresh
freezing air will blow through and it feels mega awesome
In all, I would definitely swing by here again if I'm in the area. ^___^


good happy hour eats - perfect for a nightcap.

Staying at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue means that stopping by Suite was just an elevator and a few
steps away.
I stopped in a few times to Suite during a recent conference trip on non-club nights, and the
bartenders and wait staff were by and large helpful, friendly and patient, especially rolling in with
20+ conference attendees on a slow Tuesday late evening. We were ushered out a bit abruptly on
a later night, despite bringing in a crowd of 40 or so at the very end of the night and ordering drinks
for everyone, but chalk that up to a long night..
The happy hour menu is a good deal, though if you can, ask the staff for preferences and
recommendations - the quesadilla was INSANELY good. Other than that, drinks are a little on the
pricey side, but not extravagantly so for the area.
On a weeknight, Suite's a laid-back, casual lounge-like experience with good happy hour eats -
perfect for a nightcap.


I would give this a 2.5 if I could since our server was really nice.

I came here for Seattle Night life place Week. I had no idea this was actually a nightclub but the
menu looked really appealing, so I didn't really care where we were eating as long as I got to eat in
peace. It's located inside Bellevue Place, and there's free parking in the garage. The interior is
super fancy! The lights emitted a purple hue and tables were very clean and modern looking. The
wallpapers gave off a vintage feel. Our server was really nice also.

I wasn't impressed with the food though, overall everything tasted bland. I ordered the Caesar
Salad as an appetizer. There was a little bit of a cheese flavor to it, but I wish I had more croutons.
For the main dish, I ordered the Bistro Medallion Steak. Again, the steak and sauce were a little bit
bland but I actually really liked the mashed potatoes and crispy onion! I was probably most
disappointed with the dessert, which was the brownies. I was expecting it to be warm and gooey
inside, but it looked and tasted store bought with whipped cream on top. It was good, but not what I
wanted. I tried my friend's Jack Daniels ice cream... There was definitely Jack Daniels in it. It was
good, but probably too strong for our palates haha (of all things).
Although I wasn't too satisfied with the food, I would still come back again. Probably for Happy Hour
or when my friends and I need a new place to hang out in Bellevue besides Lucky Strike. Maybe
not for the food. I would give this a 2.5 if I could since our server was really nice.