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10900 NE 8th Street Ste 1000
Bellevue, WA 98004

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I am happy to send a testimonial of my experience with Jeremiah Roberson and ICON. I bought my first apartment complex in 1973, a five unit complex in Seattle and managed it myself. My goal was to get it paid for by the time I retired and enjoy my later years. I went thru all the fun of managing my own property for about 2 weeks and the fun wore off quickly but it was not until I had bought 5 more apts, each larger than the one before, and my wife and I were kept busy doing all the renting, cleaning, painting, advertising, and the phone calls at all times for leaks, something not working, etc. In 1990 we purchased a 79 unit apt. by selling two of our smaller apts. and refinancing our home to achieve the peace afforded us by now having a management company. Now all our properties are managed by Jeremiah and ICON and been with Jeremiah for the last 6 years. He gives us peace of mind and does a wonderful job of management, overseeing everything and saving us money on many contracted jobs by his knowledge of the business. I am very impressed by his attitude and desire to do nothing but the best possible for us. Now we enjoy our home on Camano Island and do not have to continually run back and forth to take care of business. I fully recommend Jeremiah and ICON and leave the managing to ICON! (Pat O.)


Bellevue, Washington
10900 NE 8th Street Ste 1000


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With Icon I feel very well supported not only in finding a place to buy, but doing so in an informed and responsible way.

I have been working with Jeremiah at Icon Real Estate to find a condo to purchase and I only have
fantastic things to say! Trying to find a home to buy is exciting but also can be really stressful,
especially for the first time. As a younger first time home buyer I have found a lot of people see me
as naive and easy to take advantage of making it hard to know if I am getting complete and
accurate information. With Icon I feel very well supported not only in finding a place to buy, but
doing so in an informed and responsible way. I never feel rushed while looking at different places
nor pressured in any way to buy something that isn't just right for me. The dedication and attention
given to finding a place I love that is the right price has made me immeasurably comfortable putting
my trust in Jeremiah and the company to help me find the perfect home. If you want to avoid the
"car salesmen" type agents out there and would appreciate honest, knowledgeable help finding a
new place Icon is the company to go with.


I highly recommend Icon Real Estate Services.

I've had the unique pleasure of knowing Jeremiah personally & professionally for 18 years. I've
seen his true character not just in public, but more importantly, when nobody is looking.
Above all, he is an honest and extremely competent businessman. Equally important is his
knowledge of the industry, impeccable attention to detail and nearly two decades of experience.
I highly recommend Icon Real Estate Services.