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2.67 (3 reviews)
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707 148th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98007

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Call (425) 505-2270
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Our restaurant offers great Asian Cuisine as well as fantastic sushi located in Bellevue. We have ample seating at our famous sushi bar. In our spacious property, a lounge, bar, and dining room can be found that offers an exquisite atmosphere. Lots of parking. Reservations are welcome. For those who are on the go, call ahead and we'll have your order ready for you to pick up and carry out.


Bellevue, Washington
707 148th Ave NE


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Simply put: A very fancy decor with the exact opposite edible experience.

Simply put: A very fancy decor with the exact opposite edible experience. Unfortunately, edible is
the only adjective I can describe about the chowmein noodle I got. It's very plain, blend, and
tasteless. I'm not much of a cook; so it's sad to report that they couldn't make this dish right and
that I could probably make this dish better at home with the same exact simple ingredients they
My partner got salmon-don that is also a below average 2 stars (1 star would be a salmon bowel
with rotten fish). I had a few bites from his salmon bowel--it was probably the thinnest salmon cut I
have ever had for the $22 they charged. Rice was also mediocre, likely not a sushi grade rice.
Service was also mediocre. The server had no idea what dish had came out, even when we
already finished our meal.
As an average foodie who can careless about their pretentious decor, I will not come back to this
restaurant again. And it's not worth a try for reader like you.


I don't even know where to begin.... the food, the place or the service,

I don't even know where to begin.... the food, the place or the service, Foodshion just let me down in every department. The place is big, we walked in and kinda liked the restaurant, a little bit empty, but overall nice.
There is a bar and Karaoke room to your left and a big dining area in the front.
This place is best described as Asian fusion, they have everything Asian, from noodle to sushi and
filet mignon, the menu is so long, it is almost like a book that takes forever to finish.
After going over the sushi menu a couple of times, I decided to order two sushi rolls. Everyone else
in my party placed their order at the same time. That is when the problems began. Each person's
food started coming out separately and at a different time!!! One got their filet mignon while
someone else in the party had to wait for another 10 minutes to get their food!!! I mean, the least
you can do at a restaurant is serve the food at the same time!!!!! Well, they did not.
The food itself was very bad, and I rarely use the word "bad" to describe food. But the worst part
was the sushi rolls did not even match the description on the menu. Nowhere on the menu did it
say it would be a tempura, but both rolls that I got were tempura; my absolute nemesis!
The sushi was rolled so clumsily, it was not even nicely wrapped when it was served. Each one
would fall apart as soon as I touched them with chopstick!! The rice was undercooked, I mean, if
you cannot get the rice part of the sushi right, there isn' much you can do about it! Rice is probably
the easiest part of the sushi!!!
In addition, everything is way overpriced!!! $13-15 for each sushi roll and honestly I pay less in
Nishino which is my favorite sushi place is Seattle!!!
As we were talking, the karaoke in the bar started. Although I know people must have been having
a great time doing karaoke, we were going nuts by the sound of it. The karaoke area is not
insulated and we could here every single person desperately trying to sound like Adele (and
miserably failing).
And to top it all off, we were told at the end that we have to pay with one credit card only ( we were
using Prime account which is apparently a discount for Microsoft employees). So as a party of 6,
we had to go through the hassle of transferring the money to the one person who paid.
Overall, it really baffles me how this place got 4 starts while it hardly deserves one! This is probably
the first time thinks so differently from me.


I would come here again. Really nice restaurant . Overall great service from foodshion!

I decided to come here when we had a power outage at our house, everywhere else was so busy...
why it's Monday night? Maybe because of the snow. I went on and saw pictures that looked really
good from here and decided to take my parents to eat we were all really hungry it was hard
because my parents don't like eating from places they're not familiar with.
All of the food looked really good from pictures and they tasted even better in person!
My favorite that I tried was baby back ribs, it said house smoked on the menu ... so good . There
was 4 pieces enough for everyone. We also ordered from the Chinese side of the menu, there was
so many of them but the girl taking care of us helped us pick out a couple of things from there. She
was really friendly and patient as it's our first time here. She recommended ma po tofu which we all
really liked and it was inexpensive as well. I would come here again. Really nice restaurant . An effortless dining experience, didn't have to
wait for anything!! Lots of parking space, huge plus for me (I am from Seattle) you should already
know what that means. When we first came in we were greeted right away from the host he took us
in and there were also so many booths inside . Overall great service from foodshion!