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Katsu Burger

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4.00 (3 reviews)
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12700 SE 38th St
Bellevue, WA 98006

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Call (425) 971-7228
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  Thank you for taking time to check us out. We've passed simplicity, and entered into delicious, we know you'll feel the same. Seattle is our home and as such we couldn't create just a normal burger joint. Lucky for you, you’ll never have to deal with another season and serve kind of place again. Japanese fusion with Katsu means hand formed, miso seasoned, Japanese breaded, American sized, and American fried goodness. Take a bite, crunch into the golden brown crisp, and experience real tenderness. That's Katsu. The love, and work behind the scenes. That's the Katsu team. You'll find the items on our menu deliver the taste of Japan, with the restaurant roots of Seattle. Let your taste buds travel, come in today.

The passion of our restaurant stems from our desire to deliver quality ingredients. The beef patties we produce are created with the highest quality 100% grass-fed beef, and our non-GMO chicken or pork patties are made to the same standard of health consciousness. We serve organic tofu made with an eggless tempura batter, and we create fresh sauces each day all the way to the mayo on your burger. We never sacrifice quality, especially when it comes to taste. Taste of Japan, chill of Seattle, freshness of Katsu.

Come try us out!


Bellevue, Washington
12700 SE 38th St


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Highly recommend!

A nice fast food option. If you are a burger lover and you already had the chance to try some good quality burgers .


I ordered the Tokyo classic with a side of nori fries and spicy mayo and it was the most perfect meal!

Loved the food at katsu burger and I'm confused why I didn't come try this place sooner??!! It's
located in factoria and the parking is easy as it's within a plaza. The space itself is a little small but
most people take their food to go so finding a table was not difficult at all. I thought katsu burger
would be like any other burger I've had but I was so wrong.
I ordered the Tokyo classic with a side of nori fries and spicy mayo and it was the most perfect
meal! I loved their take on a classic burger by preparing the patty like a traditional katsu with the
fried panko crust complete with the katsu sauce and shaved cabbage on top. Eating the burger
does get messy so grab a lot of napkins beforehand! The nori fries paired so well with the burger
and as a spicy mayo enthusiast, I was excited to have that as my dipping sauce. They have a wide
variety of sauce options if you're not into spicy mayo so I'm definitely coming back to try more of
their sauces! I also ended up getting a green tea milkshake because I heard/read so much about it
and I'm so glad I did! The matcha flavor did not taste artificial at all compared to so many matcha
flavored foods I've had in the past. And it wasn't quite as thick as a traditional milkshake which I
liked! Definitely come check this place out if you haven't already!


The burgers were memorable and delicious.

We felt like was right on for this place! Nice hole in the wall spot with very good burgers. It was a
very refreshing take on burgers as the Japanese influence (as expected) flows throughout the
menu and really in every bite of everything you eat.
We shared a Ohayou Gozaimasu burger and Teriyaki burger between my better half and the two
little dudes. Along for the ride were some Nori Fries and Sea Salt Fries. The Nori fries were solid,
though I did feel a little like a fish as the flakes reminded me of green fish good. We both wished
we'd gone for some curry fries, but c'est la' vie.
The burgers were memorable and delicious. The flavor of the Katsu was awesome and the topping
made this thing huge - both burgers were circus big, and did not leave us wanting. The Ohayou
was like a Japanese farm with beef, egg, pig, and cheese, all smothered in sauce and mayo. The
sort of burger you chew longer and then go after the paper drippings.
The only thing here that left us wanting was the Nori fries and not because they weren't good, but
because they didn't live up to the awe-inspiring burgers that we experienced. A couple dudes told
us the curry fries were excellent so I guess we'll have to go back!
Great place to stop just before leaving to go over to the east side of the state.